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Gomorrah season 5 director details problem with final season Its been a big job

Gomorrah: Sky TV releases trailer for final season

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The final series of Gomorrah sees Gennaro “Genny” Savastano (played by Salvatore Esposito) come face to face with rival and former friend Ciro di Marzio (Marco D’Amore) who he believed was dead. The pair will be engaged in a power struggle once more while Genny tries to pick up the pieces following Patrizia Santore’s (Cristiana Dell’Anna) death and give up on his dream of living a normal life with his family. Speaking to, director Claudio Cupellini explained why the final series was a big challenge for the writers.

He explained: “It has been a big job because while we were shooting the fourth season, the authors were already working on the fifth.

“And I think they will tell you better how tough it was, not because there was no other way or no other ideas, new ideas.

“No, the problem was that we wanted to keep the same level we reached before and that was our first effort.”

Claudia continued: “We understood that the right way and the political model was trying to go back to the first Gomorrah without forgetting what we have done during the other years.

“But in a way I think this is a massive, big ending because we didn’t only go back, but we closed a circle.”

Writer Leonardo Fasoli agreed it was time for Gomorrah to come to an end after five series.

He added: “When we arrived at the ending of the season, we decided it was the last season.

“It was because like Claudio said before, it is good to finish when you are in a high position than to explore too much material until the end.”

Teasing the ending of the Italian crime drama, Leonardo commented: “They [fans] are used to being shocked because during this long, long trip we lost villains and anti-heroes, a lot of times where we don’t expect them to.

“One of the most exciting things for the audience is what will happen.

“That’s why they are still so attached to the story because, the quality is good, we always try to go to a higher level season after season but also we know people know it’s unpredictable.

He went on to add it is time to put “Gomorrah to rehab” and rest it for a time.

Fellow writer Maddalena Ravagli added there were discussions on whether the series could return.

She teased: “There is a possibility in our mind of exploring who was taking control of Secondigliano, which is really interesting in the 70s.

“It was a key passage for the Camorra after the Second World War, you know the trade of of cigarettes, heroine and big link with French connections.”

However, Maddalena insisted it was “just an idea”.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Italian premiere, producer Riccardo Tozzi confirmed the plan was always to put Gomorrah to bed after five series.

He explained: “The idea was to die while we are still alive, maintaining the show’s narrative energy at its peak”

Sadly it seems fans will just have to watch Gomorrah on repeat and revisit old episodes once the fifth season comes to an end.

Gomorrah season 5 premieres on December 18 on NOW and Sky Atlantic.

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