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'Grey's Anatomy': Jackson and Mark's 'Bromance' Is So Popular It Has Its Own Name

Sometimes two cast mates have the perfect chemistry that creates a legendary friendship. For Grey’s Anatomy, that was Mark Sloan and Jackson Avery.

The pair have a huge following on Reddit, and are even known as the Plastic Posse in honor of Mean Girls.

Mark Sloan was the ultimate flirt

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Mark Sloan, also known as McSteamy, was part of the reason why Derek Shepherd left Addison. After Sloan slept with Addison, he decided to follow her to Seattle Grace Hospital to win her back. Things were tense between Sloan and Shepherd at first, not because of what happened with Addison, but because Sloan begins to flirt with Meredith Grey.

Sloan soon works things out with Shepherd, and decided to remain in Seattle. He later begins a relationship with Callie Torres. The two even had a daughter together named Sofia.

His relationship with Torres, never became serious, however. A fling with Lexie Grey soon turned serious, even though Sloan promised Derek not to pursue it. While they had their ups and downs, and even broke up, the couple were inevitably drawn to each other, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Jackson Avery comes from a long line of doctors

Jackson Avery is the grandson of Dr. Harper Avery, one of the most famous surgeons in the world. This set a high standard for Avery, or it should have, anyways. The problem was that no one in his family expected him to amount to much. 

Rather than letting this get to him, Avery used the lack of encouragement from his family to push himself. This resulted in him becoming a renowned surgeon in his own right.

Like Sloan, Avery has more than his fair share of broken relationships. He fell in love with April Kepner, but the marriage didn’t work out. He also had a relationship with Lexie Grey, Stephanie Edwards, and Maggie Pierce.  

Avery is very outspoken, and isn’t afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. This can be both a blessing and a curse as a doctor, and Jackson occasionally finds himself in hot water for his words.

The epic friendship had a tragic ending

Anyone who spent any amount of time watching the show knew that Sloan didn’t have much interest in teaching, even though he worked at a hospital where doctors were trained. Not unless it was an attractive intern, anyways. He would use interns to pick up his dry cleaning, get his coffee, and many other tasks that had nothing to do with learning to be a physician.

Yet something about Jackson just clicked with Sloan. He pointed out that Jackson was good-looking, which was a major plus for a plastic surgeon. 

It was a rough start, as Sloan had Jackson get close to Lexie Grey to find out if she was still interested in him. This backfired, as Jackson and Lexie began to date, but Lexie continued to have lingering feelings for Sloan.

Once Jackson and Lexie broke up, however, the awkward moments were over. Jackson embraced his talent for plastic surgery, and found an eager teacher in Sloan. Thus began the reign of the Plastic Posse.

A Reddit user wrote, “I love the bromance between Jackson and Mark in season 8. That’s all. Lol Plastics Posse for life!”

Another Reddit user added, “The way Mark was like “I want to be your teacher” and Jackson looked at him like he just couldn’t wait any longer to get started and learn and grow as a surgeon. That light in Jackson’s eyes makes my heart so, so happy and I’m grateful to Mark for giving him that.”

The Plastic Posse reigned supreme over the Plastic Surgery wing of Seattle Grace until Sloan’s tragic death. He was killed in a plane crash, along with Lexie Grey. His death still haunts not only Avery, but many fans who miss Mark Sloan and want him back.

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