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Heres a look at Vera star Brenda Blethyns live outside the show

Brenda Blethyn says she’s ’embarrassed’ to watch her work

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ITV1 will be airing new episodes of Vera this evening (January 15) from 8pm with a total of six instalments airing in 2023. This time around, fans will be getting a glimpse into the notoriously curmudgeonly but incisive sleuth’s backstory. Many viewers are also keen to learn more about the actress behind Vera and her life away from the cameras.

Who is Brenda Blethyn married to?

Brenda Blethyn, 76, has been married twice and was with her first husband Alan Blethyn for nearly 10 years.

She tied the knot with Alan in 1964 with the couple going their separate ways in 1973.

The star said her spouse met somebody else, saying her busy career was also tough.

She said: “I was devastated when he left, but he really was a lovely fella – and the other lady is nice too.”

Brenda added to The Guardian about her marriage breakdown: “It was just one of those things.”

The Pride and Prejudice and Saving Grace star then went on to marry her long-time partner Michael Mayhew.

She and the National Theatre director Michael met in 1975 following her split from her first husband Alan.

The couple was engaged for a whopping 35 years before they finally exchanged vows in 2010.

Speaking about why they got hitched, Brenda said it was because they were “getting on a bit” and it “seemed like the sensible thing to do”.

She added to the Radio Times: “Neither of us were going anywhere, so it just presents a problem if one of us pops our clogs.”

Brenda previously said she didn’t want to make longer seasons of Vera with more episodes as they took up so much time filming with the shoot running for six or seven months.

During the shoot, she also spent time away from her husband Michael and beloved dog Jack.

She said: “Every time we finish a series I say I’m not going to be doing any more.

“But then I change my mind. Usually it means six months away from home in Kent for me and in 2022 it was the best part of 10 months.”

Brenda went on to say: “My dog Jack can’t be with me in the North East for all of that time. He’s all right after I’ve been away for a little while.

“But if I happen to manage to come home for a few days in between filming Vera episodes he goes mad and then my husband has a merry time of it when I go away again with the dog wondering where I am.

“So when we finish filming, as we just have, I always say, ‘I really don’t think I can do this anymore.’

“But then I have a rest and get my appetite back again and change my mind.”

She added: “I suddenly might get a bright idea about what to do with Vera and suggest who might be cast in it.

Vera starts on ITV1 and ITVX tonight at 8pm

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