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Hollyoaks fans convinced Sid survived brutal stabbing and is secretly in hiding against all odds

HOLLYOAKS fans are convinced Sid Sumner survived his brutal stabbing and is secretly in hiding.

Wednesday night's first-look episode of today's instalment of the soap confirmed that the teen lost his life after drug lord Victor Brothers knifed him in the stomach.

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Sid, James Nightingale and Ste Hayes had hatched a plan to take the dealer down once and for all this week.

The young lad put a recording device in Victor's car and managed to get him to confess to his grooming in last night's episode at 6.30pm.

But drug addict Ollie Morgan threw a spanner in the works and told Victor what Sid had done to get his own back for not giving him any ketamine.

Victor managed to track Sid down in The Dog carpark, where he brutally stabbed him and ran off with the recording of him admitting his crimes.

Moments later Ste ran over to save the youngster… but it looks like it was too late.

The opening scenes of the first-look episode on E4 last night showed Ste trying to compose himself as he texted Sid's parents the dreaded news.

He wrote: "Thought you should know, Victor stabbed Sid last night. He died in my arms."

And while many fans of the soap were left in floors of tears, others have a slight glimmer of hope that he's still alive.

One wrote on Twitter: "What if Sid isn’t actually dead and has gone into hiding #Hollyoaks."

Another said: "@BillyyPrice @Hollyoaks absolutely gutted was hoping sid wasn’t dead, I think he may be in hiding to get victor once and for all and he will be back and if he isn’t what a brilliant young actor I hope he goes on to have an amazing career #Hollyoaks #byesid #killedanothergoodone."

A third chimed in: "Sid had better be in witness protection, I refuse to accept he’s dead #hollyoaks."

A fourth added: "Okay I’m reaching now cause I can’t believe they’d actually kill off Sid..but Ste sending a group message to most of the village saying Sid died in his arms would spread word fast…witness protection…? #Hollyoaks."

A fifth tweeted: "being hella optimistic but I really hope sid isn’t dead and is in witness protection or something #Hollyoaks."

Although Victor has got his own back on Sid, it doesn't sound like it's the end just yet.

Last month actor Kieron Richardson – who plays Ste in the show – revealed that EVERYONE in the village is in danger.

He told The Sun's TV mag: "It’s the big crescendo to the county lines story and it’s all coming to a head.

"Someone’s going to try to take Victor down, and so many people are in the mix but there’s the danger of what’s going to happen.

"A lot of people are in danger."

Could someone else end up dead?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following at 7pm on E4.

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