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How old is The Repair Shops Lucia Scalisi?

The Repair Shop guest emotional about restored doll

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Lucia has been a part of The Repair Shop cast since it started airing on the BBC in 2017, restoring antiques for members of the public. She specialises in paintings and the fine arts, with her skillset one of the most unique in the workshop and she often speaks with host Jay Blades about the process of bringing beloved paintings back to their former glory. Here is everything you need to know about how old the star of the show is.

How old is The Repair Shop’s Lucia Scalisi?

Born in the United Kingdom, the art restorer has strong Italian roots which have been embedded in her from her parents and this is where her passion for the art world stemmed from.

Ever since Lucia was a child, she has admired the talent of artists and this crafted her path to becoming a painting conservator.

To make her a master in the profession, she has a Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings from the University of Northumbria.

The presenter has managed to balance her work alongside raising a family as she is married and has children with her husband.

Although her exact age is not available online, it is thought she is in her late 40s to early 50s given her career history and expertise in the sector.

Following on from getting a 2.1 Honours from the University of Sheffield, Lucia began her career as a Conservator of Paintings in 1984 at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

She held the role of Senior Conservator of Paintings for 11 years and in 1995, she opened up her own Conservation Studio in London.

Settling in the capital for several years, The Repair Shop star has given lectures at many of the city’s universities.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer for the bosses of the hit BBC restoration show to cast Lucia due to her wealth of knowledge on the subject.

The presenter was no stranger to television as she had featured on the BBC Two programme Restoration Roadshow back in 2011.

Asked to be called a Conservator instead of a restorer

Lucia Scalisi

During an interview with The Conservators’ Podcast, Lucia explained she had a request for bosses when she joined the show.

“I’m the only one they call a Conservator because I asked to be called this instead of a restorer,” she said.

Asked if she thinks the programme strikes a good balance between Conservation and Restoration, the presenter replied: “No.

“Not for me anyway, although I have been banging on about it for such a long time and I do talk to people about [the differences].

“I also bang on about less is more but I certainly do hear when contributors come in with their paintings and say, ‘I don’t want it to look brand new’,” she continued.

“I think that has come from me because it doesn’t have to look brand new to be dead good,” Lucia added, stating the comments like this have been a “slow burner”.

The presenter explained: “People are picking up on that now and they like the less is more mantra and also they like the idea of things not looking brand new.

“So, yes, I think I’ve had a little bit of an influence on that,” she shared before going into what viewers don’t get to see on-screen.

Lucia said: “If I’m on one of the shorter shows, and I appear for 10 minutes, for every 10 minutes you’re talking about two days of filming in terms of hours.

“It does go on over a week or two weeks depending on what the object is and an awful lot of filming goes into every minute of the television series.

“So it’s quite intense from that point of view,” she shared before discussing the trickiest thing about being part of the show.

“Hanging around. There is a lot of hanging around and waiting and the environment [we film in] is so damp,” she added.

The Repair Shop continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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