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'I'd love to see a same sex couple on Dancing with the Stars' says judge Julia Benson

He is the judge they all love, but Julian Benson has yet to sign up for the new series of Dancing With The Stars.

The flamboyant judge told the Herald that the popular RTE show will return for a fourth run, but said his fate was “with the universe”.

Known for his positive attitude and glitzy attire, Benson usually plays the Good Cop alongside Loraine Barry and Brian ‘Mr Nasty’ Redmond as the celebrities take to the floor.

He denied there was anything untoward going on, but that he was still waiting to hear if he would be back.

“There’s no scandal,” he said. “Everything is with the universe at the moment.”

If he makes a return, Benson said he would like to see the show take a new direction and include a same-sex couple.

Last year, on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, some of the pro-dancers teamed up with same-sex couples for the professional group dances.

Benson also thinks it might be time for a retired politician to strut their stuff.

“I would love to see a politician,” he said.

“I would also love to see a same sex couple, because it is starting internationally, so I would like to see that.

“I would just like to see a new dynamic,” he said. “I think there is potentially a few new twists.

“There’s lots of talks right now. Let’s just say the future is potentially very bright.”

Benson revealed that he has his finger in a few pies when it comes to new work.

“I’ve plans for a few new projects,” he said.

“I’m currently looking at lots of opportunities at the moment, but we’ll leave these things up to the universe. What will be, will be.”

Aside from his duties on the dance floor, Benson is also a talent agent and represents radio DJ Eoghan McDermott, who recently moved to breakfast radio on RTE’s 2FM with Doireann Garrihy.

Benson said that the pairing was working well for McDermott.

“It’s box office gold,” he said. “I think 2FM got it right. I do think they’ve got the right mix of presenters.

“I think they both play off each other. I think they’re edgy, fun and irreverent and full of energy.”

However, it is still unclear whether Mc-Dermott will be reprising his role narrating the goings-on in Love Island Australia later this year.

“I can’t confirm anything yet about Love Island,” said Benson.

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