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Im A Celebrity fans tune out over annoying habit on Mike Tindall

I’m A Celeb: Boy George gets rotten fruit in trial

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This practice was taken on by all three campmates when they were tasked with facing a yoga-inspired Bushtucka trial on Tuesday, titled Grot Yoga. The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! challenge, which immediately appealed to Boy George, saw the three having to strike yoga poses while being covered in unpleasant rotten food. Taking on the singer’s approach, Seann and Mike joined him in humming during the trial, which led to some viewers “tuning out” of the show.

The trio had to take on positions such as “the burrowing cockroach”, as they were showered in offal and rotten fruit.

Using their mouths, they had to fish out the stars which had also been dropped and pass them to each other without using their hands.

As Seann complained about the smell and questioned how the other two were “okay,” Mike decided to try Geroge’s technique of trying to take on a zen approach.

George began to make a start on his ‘om’ sounds to reach inner peace, while the other contestants followed suit.

“Good luck,” host Ant commented as the three braced themselves.

“60 seconds starts now,” Dec informed the group.

Mocking George, Ant stated: “Remember to ‘om'” as the noise grew louder.

As the three were drenched in rancid guts and old fruit, Dec explained: “It’s offal on you Mike and Seann, George has rotten fruit and veg as he’s a vegetarian.”

At this, the collective humming grew louder as Ant instructed: “Stay in the position until you hear the dong.”

“Not only are they ‘oming’, they’re absolutely humming,” Dec observed. 

Not everyone found the noise amusing, though. Several viewers complained about the ‘om’ sounds, with some even going as far as switching the TV off.

Twitter user @TheRealDeclanK1 fumed: “That humming noise is driving me mad #ImACeleb.”

@carriet1234 added: “Omg George is sooooooo annoying with the humming GET HIM OUT #ImACeleb.” (sic)

@k_i_r_s_t_y__ admitted: “Tuned out for that trial. Between the humming and the people… it’s a no from me. #ImACeleb.”

“Can’t stand listening to that f***ing humming. TV keeps having to go on mute! #ImACeleb,” @Robyn2125 shared.

@Nic_Nik penned: “They made a whole trial out of George’s annoying chanting #ImACeleb.”

@beeeeeee_x remarked: “I’ve got no f***in clue how the other celebs can listen to Boy George incessantly hum his way through the trials cos I’d be throwing hands immediately #ImACeleb.” (sic)

Elsewhere, the celebrities were able to enjoy the famous jungle bar, The Jungle Arms, where they indulged in food, drink and karaoke.

Lioness Jill Scott, former health secretary Matt Hancock and comedian Babatunde Aleshe were among the celebrities to try their hand at singing.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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