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Im A Celebritys Owen Warner shouts stop at Chris Moyles in trial

I'm A Celeb: Preview of trial 'The Savage Sorting Office'

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Chris Moyles hasn’t had the best reputation with Bushtucker Trials after earning just one star during a solo trip to see Ant McPartin and Declan Donnelly earlier in the series. On Thursday, the radio legend hopes to perform better with Owen Warner by his side as they take on The Savage Sorting Office in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

In the preview clip for Thursday’s episode, Chris can be seen operating a crane blindfolded with Owen attached on the other end. 

Owen directs Chris to move him closer to a tank of water filled with parcels. 

“Go right,” Owen orders before asking Chris to lower him down once he was suspended over the crate. 

“Lower me down,” the Hollyoaks star said as he reached into the water to untie the parcels. 

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As Owen was lowered into the water he shouted: “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Chris held the crane steady as Owen looked for stars.

Ant explained: “In here we have yabbies, mudcrabs and eels.”

“Oh my god this is heavy,” Chris remarked as he struggled to keep a hold of Owen. 

Babtúndé Aléshé became the latest celebrity to be evicted on Wednesday. 

Addressing his campmates on his way out, the comedian said: “You guys have made me feel brave. 

“I’ve conquered two of my biggest fears, which is frogs. I know it’s hilarious but I frickin hate those little demons, and heights.

“And every single last one of you, I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life. This has been the best experience I’ve ever had. Thank you to everybody.”

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Meanwhile, the celebrities opened up on their best and worst days at work.

Chris said: “Elton John came on the show and within the first 10 seconds of being live on the show dropped the f-bomb and I went, ‘Woah apologies.’ 

“And he went, ‘We’re not on the air now are we?’ And he went, ‘Are we…?’ And just smiled…

“I interviewed John Cleese who I love. I’m buzzing. He goes, ‘We did this thing with Python where… now can I say the word ‘f***’? And I went, ‘No, no, no you can’t.’ And he just carried on, told the story and he said, ‘You won’t really get into trouble for that will you?’ 

“And I said, ‘8.30am that’s quite a big word to drop’ and he goes, ‘Well if you get a fine, I’ll pay it.’”  

Speaking about the day he’d discovered he was joining Hollyoaks, Owen said: “I was in uni… making myself the most student meal, cost me like 60p this meal. 

“My agent bells me… she’s like, ‘Hi Owen, I’m really sorry but… you’re going to have to clear your schedule because you got the part.’ 

“I was so gassed man! FaceTimed my mum…[I said], ‘Meant to say, what’s the deal with this pepper – I got the part in Hollyoaks – this pepper do I put it on…’ and she’s like, ‘Go back! What did you say?’ Oh yeah, got the part in Hollyoaks, so this pepper, yeah…”

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV on Thursday at 9pm. 

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