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‘It’s not a negotiation!’ Jenny Ryan shuts down The Chase contestant’s request

The Chase contestant attempts to negotiate high offer

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four new players onto The Chase on Tuesday afternoon. Jason, Kathryn, Brad, and Jennifer were the contestants taking on Chaser Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan in a bid to win a cash prize. One contestant pushed his luck when he asked Jenny for a higher prize fund offer. However, she instantly shut the negotiation attempt down.

Jason from Cardiff was the first contestant to step up to the plate and performed well in his cash builder round.

He managed to bank £5,000 after answering five quick fire questions correctly.

When Jason went up against the Chaser, she offered him a higher prize offer of £25,000 and a lower offer of £1,000.

Considering his options, Jason turned to his teammates for some advice on which offer he should take.

Jennifer said: “Jason, you’re a brilliant player. I’m sure you could do the £25,000, but I’d bring back the £5,000 I think to get us started.”

Brad remarked: “We all think you’re better than the £5,000. You knew more in the cash builder than you let on.

“£25,000 could be a good shout,” he added, encouraging his teammate to take the higher offer.

“It’s hard to be the first one on, but £5,000 that was a brilliant performance. You can do it,” Kathryn insisted.

After listening to each contestant’s opinion, host Bradley asked which amount of money Jason wanted to play for.

However, Jason turned to the Chaser, asking: “If you offered £25,000 would you offer £30,000?”

“It’s not a negotiation!” Jenny replied, swiftly shutting down his request.

Realising he wasn’t going to get anywhere with his cheeky negotiation attempt, Jason said: “I’ll stick with the £5,000.”

“£5,000 it is,” Bradley said, as he locked in Jason’s choice.

Viewers at home were stunned by Jason’s confidence and took to Twitter to comment.

“Did he really just try to negotiate on the #TheChase,” @OfficialMsLilia said.

@knotty07 commented: “Has he just tried to negotiate the high offer?? @cannondog79 #TheChase”

“Guy thinks he’s on Dragons Den #TheChase,” @NickDavies19891 joked.

Jason managed to make it safely back to his team with the £5,000, but it wasn’t long before things went downhill.

Kathryn was the only other contestant who managed to get back to the team, as both Brad and Jennifer were caught by the Chaser.

As a result, Jason and Kathryn were playing for £10,000 in the Final Chase, but were sadly not quite good enough to outrun Jenny and win the show.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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