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‘Jeopardy’ Stunner: Only One Contestant Makes It To Final Round Shocking Both Alex Trebek & Viewers

It was a rare sight Tuesday on the Jeopardy stage with one contestant remaining for the final round. Stunning both host Alex Trebek and viewers, only Kevin Walsh, a 48-year-old story analyst, was left standing after the Double Jeopardy! round after fellow competitors Natt Supab and Alex Switzky were in negative territory, making them ineligible to compete in the closing segment.

“The stage looks like a very lonely place right now,” said Trebek, adding that he can’t remember the last time the show “had only one player in Final Jeopardy.”

Walsh is also this season’s first four-day winner, with his total earnings so far at $81,700. Walsh will compete again tonight as he attempts to clinch a fifth straight win.

According to The Jeopardy Fan, Tuesday’s game was the first solo Final Jeopardy since March 12, 2015, when Kristin Sausville was left as the sole Final Jeopardy contestant, and only the ninth instance of a single-player finale.

You can watch clips of the surprising finale below.

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