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Jeremy Clarkson addresses rumours season 2 of Clarksons Farm has been cancelled

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Jeremy Clarkson has addressed circulating rumours that Amazon film crews are filming a season 2 of Clarkson's farm, leaving many fans very disappointed.

The wildly popular show has ranked highly on Amazon Prime and left plenty of viewers hoping for a second series.

The first season followed the ex-Top Gear presenter as he set up his rural farm, called Diddly Squat, in Chadlington – the Cotswolds.

Clarkson has recently admitted that the farm is an "expensive failure".

In the final episode of Clarkson's Farm – season 1, it was revealed that the farm had made an annual profit of just £114 in its first year.

Will Clarkson's Farm continue?

Sadly for many, Clarkson has taken to Twitter to reveal that Amazon has axed the show.

When asked by a follower if the show will continue into season 2, Jeremy tweeted – "No. We aren’t. Write to Amazon, it’s their decision."

Fans blasted back, tagging Amazon, "@[email protected] what on earth are you doing?! Get series 2 signed off, now! @JeffBezos"

"This is my fav thing Amazon ever made ever", tweeted another.

Beyond the high ratings, Clarkson's Farm has been praised for showing the unique struggles that face the farming industry in the UK today.

"I read in The Times that it’s been the worst year for farmers since 1976.", said Clarkson in one episode.

Jeremy said: "Fortunately, we have this subsidy, when that goes, what are farmers going to do?"

Can you visit Clarkson's farm?

The farm is a private farm, however, there are public paths that surround the outskirts of the farmland.

Fans have access to the Diddly Squat farm shop, where they can purchase farm produce like jams and oil.

They also stock light-hearted produce, including 'This Smells Like My Bollocks Candles', and 'Milk Juice'.

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