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Jeremy Hunt savaged as BBC Breakfasts Nina Warhurst lists criticisms Hes boring!

Steve Brine backs Jeremy Hunt in leadership race

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After Boris Johnson announced on Thursday afternoon (July 7) he was stepping down from his current role as Prime Minister, many MPs have started putting their names forward to replace him. One of those is South West MP Jeremy Hunt. Although BBC Breakfast revealed in a poll by Conservative Home, he is bottom of the league for not being exciting enough.

On Sunday morning’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, hosts Nina Warhurst and Roger Johnson spoke to Conservative MP for Winchester and Chandler’s Ford, Steve Brine.

They asked him what he thought of Boris’ behaviour over the last week with Steve stating he believed resigning was the right thing to do.

He said: “It was later than I would have liked, I don’t want to talk ill about somebody who’s been defenestrated this week. He’s done the right thing.

“We need to turn the page, we need to do so quickly and that process has now started and I’m thrilled that we’ve got Jeremy Hunt in the race again.”

Steve informed viewers that he’s worked closely with Jeremy over the years and knows he will be able to do the “top job” very well.

Breakfast host Nina said: “One of the criticisms we have of him is he’s just not exciting enough.

“A poll by Conservative Home found that he was at the bottom of the league table when it comes to the candidates that we have now, does that worry you?”

Steve replied: “Oh not in the slightest! I don’t agree, but we need a leader who can win back the voters the conservatives have lost.”

The MP admitted he wants somebody to restore trust back in the office as Prime Minister and is proud to see them at meetings without worrying about what they will say next.

He said: “I want somebody who’s going to grow the economy.”

Supporting Jeremy, he told the presenters he believes he’ll be a “fantastic” leader and is ready to take over straight away.

Nina added: “If this competition becomes about integrity and morality, maybe Jeremy Hunt should be the first to call out Andrea Jenkyns.”

Andrea was attending Boris’ resignation speech at Downing Street when she put her middle finger up to the crowd outside.

The education minister referred to them as a “baying mob” and has since released a statement regarding her behaviour.

Admitting she’d reached the end of her tether, Andrea added that she should have had more composure.

BBC’s Nina suggested that if Jeremy was appointed Prime Minister, he should tell Andrea to walk away from education because of her actions.

Steve told Nina he was “appalled” as he said: “I think it was embarrassing, I think it demeans us all.

“I hope that Andrea meant the apology that she gave yesterday because it’s not good enough to be wound up by the public.

“Being in government is a serious business, you don’t get wound up by the crowd. You focus on your job and I hope that she meant the apology she gave yesterday, I’m sure she did.”

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