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Jerry Seinfeld Apologizes for His 'Bee Movie' Bug Getting the Hots for a Human Woman

Comedian didn’t intend for the ”uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect“ of his 2007 animated comedy.

The “are they or aren’t they?” relationship between Seinfeld’s Barry B. Benson and Renee Zellweger’s Vanessa Bloome has turned what was part of DreamWorks Animation’s critical slump in the mid-2000s into an eternal meme, with videos like, “The entire bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster” gaining millions of hits.

In a 2017 interview with The New Statesmen about the film’s 10th anniversary, “Bee Movie” co-writer Spike Feresten backed up what Seinfeld said, recalling that he and his fellow writers would forget about the species divide between their film’s protagonists, as they developed their dialogue.

“They would just be Barry and Vanessa, and we would write this dialogue for Barry and Vanessa, and read it over and have to remind ourselves, ‘Well, this is a tiny bee saying this, and the tiny bee is fighting with her boyfriend.’ So let’s dial it back to ‘friend,’ and make it less romantic, because it’s getting weird.”

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