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Johnny Rotten snubbed by Sex Pistols show boss as vicious band feud continues

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Johnny Rotten has been snubbed by the makers of the upcoming Sex Pistols show, amid an ongoing feud with his former bandmates.

Messing with the status quo, angering fans and insulting the public are large staples of what caused the Sex Pistols to rise to fame and Johnny Rotten – real name John Lydon – is still riding that wave as his feud with band members has caused him to be excluded from the new show by Danny Boyle, Pistols.

With threats of a lawsuit on the table, former frontman John ripped into the producers of the show last week.

He said: “I think that’s the most disrespectful s*** I’ve ever had to endure.

“I mean, they went to the point to hire an actor to play me but what’s the actor working on? Certainly not my character. It can’t go anywhere else [but court].”

Pamela Rooke, also known as Jordan Mooney, who plays a key role in the story of the Sex Pistols and will appear in the show portrayed by Maisie Williams, said that the producers have cut Lyndon off due to being too difficult to work with.

She told The Sun: “John picks and chooses when he wants to be a punk. If it suits him one day, he will be Johnny Rotten and otherwise he is John Lyndon.

“Probably the rest of the band are more true to themselves.

“John has got a few issues about his importance in the world so him not being involved is the best thing that can happen.”

Paul Cook and Steve Jones, the drummer and guitarist for the band, have not commented on what Lyndon said about the production but continue to consult on the project.

The pair are currently locked in a feud with Lydon and bass player Glen Matlock, suing them for an alleged breach of contract over unpaid royalties.

With communication between the band being limited to lawyers it seems unlikely that their feud will ever come to an end, officially ending the band's chances of a reunion.

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