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Just making cheap political points! Charlie Stayt slams SNP MP

Charlie Stayt grills SNP MP on ‘cheap political points’

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Stephen Flynn joined BBC Breakfast to discuss the SNP’s reaction to Rishi Sunak first few days as the Prime Minister. However, as the SNP MP criticised the re-appointment of Suella Braverman as home secretary, Charlie Stayt questioned whether the opposition party was making “cheap political points”. 

Stayt questioned: “You mentioned earlier the reappointment of Suella Braverman, to what extent are you and the opposition parties just making cheap political points and to what extent do you see this as a genuine issue that she may have done things that are worse than appear on the surface?

“It’s not just opposition parties,” he replied. “The recently deposed chair of the Conservative party Jake Berry…what he stated that there was multiple incidents where she breached the ministerial code. 

“That’s a shocking and scary indictment on someone who’s there to protect of our collective security.

“It’s quite clear she’s not fit for office even Liz Truss who made all the wrong decisions got one decision correct.”

Flynn continued: “Rishi Sunak appears to have done a backroom deal with the right wing of the Tory party to sure himself up.

“He was probably afraid go Boris Johnson and now we have a home secretary who is in place but shouldn’t be.”

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