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Kat and Stacey divided forever in explosive Phil showdown in EastEnders?

The Slaters have found themselves struggling amid the cost of living crisis in EastEnders, though things may be set to get even worse as Stacey (Lacey Turner) and Kat (Jessie Wallace) fall out.

Stacey has been doing everything she can to put food on the table for her family, but things haven’t been easy.

Since the break in at the bap van and Ryan Malloy (Neil McDermott) reducing his child maintenance payments, Stacey has been pushed to the limit as she works every hour she can.

Episodes last week saw Stacey take drastic action as she stole from a cash tin during one of her cleaning jobs.

In upcoming episodes, Kat will hold court with the Slaters in the Vic, while Stacey undergoes questioning at the police station over the stolen petty cash.

When Stacey arrives at the pub, she is overwhelmed by the scene, and heads home, with the rest of the Slaters hot on her heels.

It is then that Kat reveals that she plans to use money from husband-to-be Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) to tackle the Slaters’ money troubles, which leaves Stacey furious.

A massive row breaks out between the pair of them, which actress Lacey Turner blames on Stacey’s pride.

‘I think it’s a pride thing for Stacey. Kat’s helped her many times, she helped her buy the van, for instance, so she already owes Kat a lot of money.

‘Martin’s also giving money, as is Alfie and Freddie, so I think she feels like a bit of a charity case. At this point, it’s one too many handouts and it makes her feel small.

‘She’s trying to do everything to keep her family afloat but Kat’s got all of this money and can just throw it about. I think there’s a tiny bit of jealously there, not a bitterness but its someone else bailing her out once again. Again, I think it’s more of a pride thing.’

With Stacey and Kat at odds, will they ever make up?

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