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Kate Lawler's relief as newborn Noa is allowed to remain at home as she gains 48g in 24 hours after birth scare

VIRGIN Radio's Kate Lawler has revealed her newborn daughter can stay at home "for good" after gaining weight following her birth.

The new mum shared her relief on Instagram yesterday after previously telling fans on Sunday that she and her baby girl Noa had to stay in hospital after she "lost too much weight".

Mum and baby returned home on Tuesday – but Kate, 40, feared they would have to return to hospital if her little one didn't improve.

The broadcaster shared an adorable photo of her daughter's closed fist to her Instagram Story and wrote: "Weigh-in success!

"Noa put on 48 grams in 24 hours so we can stay home for good."

Kate also shared an update with her fans on how she's been doing after giving birth and quipped that she's gone "slightly feral" since Friday morning.

In a lengthy caption, she wrote: "Six days post-birth and today I finally showered for the first time at home today. 

"Went slightly feral but the handsome is making sure I'm fed and watered – unlike our plants. I've cried lots today but I know it's normal to feel overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions.

"If you're a new mum and feeling the same you're definitely not alone. Sending love and strength to each and every one of you who needs it."

The radio presenter also thanked her friends and family for their support throughout the process.

She added: "Also the messages and gifts from family and friends are just beyond anything I've ever experienced.

"I'm feeling bad for not responded to even some of my nearest and dearest so hopefully you're reading this. Thank you so much. 

"Know that we are so grateful for your flowers, cards, presents for Noa and for sending love our way," Kate continued.

"I'm sorry if I've not responded to you on here but my focus atm is our baby.

"I'm just unable to even read messages but appreciate how much you care. If you're one of my new followers hello! Promise I'm not normally like this."

Kate gave birth last Thursday after going into labour 11 days before her due date and her daughter was then rushed to intensive care shortly after.

Kate explained in an Instagram post that both mum and baby were due to be discharged from hospital on Sunday, but were kept in longer for observation.

She told fans: "Hello, we are still in hospital. Nucky lost too much weight for us to leave this morning as planned. So it's been pushed back. Maybe to later, possibly tomorrow.

"For now she's napping and I'm using a breast feeding pillow as a neck pillow. Winner."

Despite the setback, Kate revealed her joy as her daughter was taken off oxygen and had her feeding tubes removed after being rushed to ICU after birth.

Kate posted a sweet video of their baby with her fiancé Martin, who she affectionately calls Boj, kissing their little girl on the head.

The radio DJ captioned the post: "I'm so in love.

"She came off oxygen, antibiotics, and feeding tubes today and at 2pm came out of the special care unit and into my room with us for the first time."

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