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Katy Perry slammed as ‘ignorant’ for checking in with her Trump-supporting family after his presidential defeat – The Sun

KATY Perry has been branded "ignorant" after checking in with her Trump-supporting relatives after his presidential defeat.

The singer, 36, faced a slew of backlash after tweeting that she called her family members who "do not agree" with Joe Biden's win and told them she "loves them and is here for them".

Katy tweeted on Sunday: "The first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them.

"#FamilyFirst. Call your family today. Happy Sunday."

The Teenage Dream singer – who recently welcomed a daughter with fiance Orlando Bloom – was accused of having "white privilege" and spouting "toxic nonsense".

One follower fumed: "Not extending an olive branch to people who voted against BASIC human decency. Unlike you, I don't have the privilege."

Another added: "The ignorance in this. If they voted for red its a vote against them. Cause what the other party represents. Some ppl’s life are on the online and faced being kicked out. The privilege you have not to face much and stuff."

A third wrote: "Your white privilege allows you to do that. You're not a part of any community where Agent Orange's presence in the White House is literally a matter of life or death for you or your family. Can't say I'm surprised you could never understand that."

Yet another user raged: "This is toxic nonsense.

"Disagreement on pizza toppings is a difference of opinion, you're asking people to be okay with politicians who literally don't consider some of us human beings. Politicians who treat us like a vermin. Your privileged behind needs to be quiet on this."

Other Katy fans flocked to the Santa Barbara native's defense, saying she only wanted to spread "unity" between families.

One wrote: "So people are now actually hating on Katy Perry because she wants unity and peace between families who share different opinions?!"

Another agreed: "I think she didn't phrase this well – I think she meant that even if your family doesn't have the same ideology or values about something you have to still love them because they are family after all."

Katy made it known that she had voted by wearing a giant "I Voted" sign around her head as she headed to the poll station.

The Dark Horse singer – who got engaged to Orlando Bloom last year – didn't reveal who she voted for at the time, but gave her support to Kamala/Biden back in August.

Sharing a series of old and new photos with Kamala Harris, she said: "I’ve had the privilege of getting to know @kamalaharris over the years and @joebiden choosing her as his running mate is already a testament to his decision making.”

She was also a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and performed at various Democrat events and rallies throughout that year.

Katy and Orlando welcomed their first child together, daughter Daisy Dove, in a "safe" and "peaceful" birth at the end of August.

Six weeks after giving birth, Katy returned to the set of American Idol to resume her judging duties.

The singer – who has been very vocal about her life as a mom these days – got back to socially-distanced filming alongside Lionel Richie, Ryan Seacrest, and Luke Bryan.


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