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Kerry Katona denies claims she’s ‘glad’ George Kay is dead and admits her heart is broken – The Sun

KERRY Katona has denied claims that she's "glad" her ex-husband George Kay is dead and says her heart is broken.

Today, Kerry said George would switch from being Mr Nice Guy to a "complete pscycho" who threatened to KILL her and kidnap their daughter DJ before he died from a drug overdose three weeks ago aged 38.

But despite his drug addiction and domestic abuse causing problems for Kerry and her children, she never wished the worst for her ex.

"Let me make this very very very clear… in no way shape or form am I GLAD my husband is dead!!!!" she wrote on Instagram.

"George was someone’s son, brother and daddy! Don’t get me wrong George put the fear of god into me and the kids and I stand by putting safeguards in to place for myself and my children!

"Which anyone who went through what we did would do the same! But NEVER EVER would I be GLAD someone, even more so my husband who I once loved with all my heart is dead!!!"

"My heart is broken and I am struggling to come to terms with all of this!!" she added.

"These last few weeks have been the most painful and difficult time for me and my children!!

"In the last 6 weeks of his life George was arrested and hospitalised several times it was inevitable that one day the drugs would get the better of him which I am completely broken about!

"More so for our beautiful baby girl who we created together and who I will be completely and forever grateful to him for!

"While we were together I did EVERYTHING in my power to help but you can not help someone who doesn’t want it!!

"I’d give anything for the outcome of George’s life to of been different, I wish he found the strength to sort his life out and be here today!"

Earlier today Kerry revealed her late ex-husband threatened to stab her in the head during violent outbursts when they were married, as she gave her first interview since his death to the The Sunday People.

She said: "George was the nicest guy you could ever meet. He’d take care of my nan! But then he was a complete psycho.

“He’d come into the house, off his head hallucinating and get a knife, while the children were there.

“He would steal my credit card to buy me gifts, and then threaten to stab me in the head.

"The police came out to my house 22 times.”

Kerry revealed she'd often end up with two black eyes after a jealous outburst from George.

Kerry said: “I once sat on Anthony Costa’s knee, the groomsman at my wedding, a man who’s basically like my brother.

“George called me a s**g and I had to sleep in the bathtub that night. Two black eyes weren’t uncommon.”

Kerry had begged George to divorce her but on their last meeting 18 months ago, he replied: “You’re my wife and you’ll always be my wife.”

Kerry, 38, said George's death was inevitable before revealing their relationship was so toxic she feared he would kill her.

As she wept, she told the publication: "George couldn’t be saved. He was always going to die.

“If he hadn’t have died, it would’ve been me.

“My mum says she was just waiting for the call from the police to say he’d killed me.

“And I know myself, I’d never have been able to relax unless he was either back in jail or dead.

“Now he’s dead, there’s a sense of relief.”

The couple married in 2014 but split just 12 months later, with Kerry also securing a restraining order against her ex last year.

George, an ex-rugby player, had a history of mental health issues and drug problems and was found at the Holiday Inn in Runcorn, Cheshire.

The couple have daughter Dylan-Jorge – known as DJ together, and Kerry told The Sunday People she had feared her ex would kidnap their little girl.

As she recalled the moment she found out George had died, she said: "My mobile phone rang and it was George’s dad.

“Suddenly I felt this intense anxiety. I thought, either he’s dialled me by mistake, or George is on one.

"So the first thing I did was ring home and tell the kids to lock the door.

“My first thought was that he was coming to the house to kidnap DJ.

“Then I got a message from his brother Ash, telling me to ring him and suddenly I just knew. I knew George was dead.”

Kerry then had to break the news to her five children, including five-year-old DJ.

The star chose to tell her older children – Molly, 17, Lily, 16, Heidi, 12, and Max, 11 – first, getting a friend to take DJ to the supermarket while she broke the news.

She continued: “When DJ came back I sat her down and told her, “Daddy’s fallen asleep, he hasn’t woken up and he’s in Heaven, which means Daddy’s died.’

“She had come back from Morrisons with some toys and she was more interested in them than what I was saying. It was too much for her to take in.

“Even now if I try to talk to her about it she covers her ears and tells me to ‘shh’. She’s dealing with it in her own way."

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