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Kerry Katona says she's proud she's gone from being married to a drug dealer in ‘pits of hell’ to being an entrepreneur

KERRY Katona celebrated surviving the "pits of hell" to go on and buy a home for almost £2million.

The 40-year-old confirmed our reports she'd bought the lavish mansion after digging herself out of bankruptcy.

Kerry, who has battled everything from cocaine addiction, marriage woes and the loss of her £250,000 Iceland deal which made her want to end her own life said she was "extremely proud" of herself.

"I should technically be dead, the amount of drugs I've done," she said frankly on her YouTube channel.

"The fact I've been able to turn all that around, I've been bankrupt twice and I lost everything at one point, to now be in a situation I'm really proud of myself."

She told her 35,000 subscribers that she wasn't "bragging", but it was simply "showing my achievements".

"If I can turn it around from death's door, from being from the pit of hell, being married to a drug deal [who was] giving me s**t ton of coke, and taking so much it was giving me fits," Kerry explained.

"To now owning several companies and being the CEO of several companies and being an entrepreneur… I'm really super proud of myself.

"I want to be able to continue to tell this story to help other people."

Life has been a roller coaster for Kerry, who joined Atomic Kitten aged 18 and rose to fame.

Her first husband, Westlife’s Brian McFadden, 40, cheated on her with a lap dancer on his stag night.

Her second, taxi driver Mark Croft, 49, helped squander her multimillion-pound fortune as she battled a cocaine addiction.

And her third, rugby league pro George Kay, died aged 39 in July 2019 — four years after their split — after taking cocaine.

But Kerry, 40, refuses to give up on love and is now engaged to Ryan Mahoney, 32, a personal trainer.

She is mum to 19-year-old Molly and Lilly, 18, from her marriage to Brian; 13-year-old Heidi and Max, 12, from her marriage to Mark; and six-year-old Dylan-Jorge with George.

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