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Lauren Goodger struggling with severe bronchitis as she tells fans 'I can't take another day of this'

LAUREN Goodger has revealed she's suffering from severe bronchitis and told fans "I can't take another day of this".

The new mum, 35, revealed earlier in the week that both she and three-month-old daughter Larose have the infection which causes the airways to the lungs to become inflamed and irritated.

Despite lots of rest, Lauren isn't feeling any better and has urged her followers to give her advice.

She wrote on Instagram today: "Never felt this unwell in a long long time. Day 4 and I feel worse as days go on. I don't get any rest as baby girl needs me all day and the nights she is waking up about5/6 times at the minute so my sleep I do get is very broken! Which is worse!

"I can't have anything as I am breastfeeding but I can't take another day of this I seem to have it worse than baby girl I need medicine I can feel like I'm not going to get any better?.. anyone got any advice for me.. [sad emoji]."

Other symptoms of bronchitis include a sore throat, headache, muscle aches, coughing and tiredness.

It usually clears up on its own within a few weeks with the help of over the counter medication, however, sometimes a trip to the GP is required in severe cases.

Before the illness set in, Lauren paid a sweet tribute to her daughter with boyfriend Charles Drury.

Cuddling the tot in the bath, she said she was "the most loveliest sweetest baby".

The former Towie star previously revealed that she named the newborn after herself, saying "it feels so special".

She told OK!: "I decided to call her Larose because my great-nan was called Rose and I’m named Lauren Rose after her. So I decided to name my daughter that after me."

She added: "Charlie and I loved the name so much and came up with it together as it’s unique and we haven’t heard of anyone else who has it."

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