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'Loki': Who Voices Miss Minutes? She's Been in These Childhood Favorites

Marvel’s Loki has taken fans through time and space, expanding the franchise’s current universe and laying the groundwork for what’s to come. The Time Variance Authority could play a big role in that, and there’s one character who has caught fans’ attention: Miss Minutes. Touted as the organization’s mascot, the orange clock might have her own stake in the TVA’s actions. Miss Minutes will also sound familiar to viewers since the Loki character is voiced by none other than Tara Strong. 

Who is Tara Strong? She’s had prominent roles in childhood favorites like ‘Rugrats’ and ‘Teen Titans’

Loki fans wondering where they’ve heard Miss Minutes’ voice before may recognize some of the childhood hits Strong has starred in. Nickelodeon fans will know her as Dil Pickles from the Rugrats and its All Grown Up! spinoff, as well as Timmy Turner and Poof from the network’s Fairly Odd Parents. 

Strong also held prominent roles in other childhood favorites, appearing as Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls, Ashi in Samurai Jack, Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Cece Proud in The Proud Family. 

Strong is no stranger to superhero stories either. She voiced Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) in The New Batman Adventures and Gotham Girls, Raven in Teen Titans, Marrow in Wolverine and the X-Men, and Harley Quinn across multiple DC projects. Perhaps these roles helped spark the Loki star’s interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Miss Minutes.

Tara Strong began acting at age 13

Strong is best known for her voiceover roles, but she started her acting career in television, film, and musical theater at the age of 13. Her early days in the industry were spent with Second City, a theater company based in Toronto, Canada. 

That’s not to say those years didn’t involve any voice acting; Strong’s first voiceover part was as the lead in Hello Kitty. Her professional website also reveals that she appeared in more than 20 animated series by the time she left Second City. 

Of course, that’s nothing compared to the number of voice roles she currently has under her belt, which falls somewhere in the hundreds. With so many projects on her resume, Strong must have had a compelling reason to pursue the role of Miss Minutes in Marvel’s Loki

What made Tara Strong play Miss Minutes on ‘Loki’?

Given Strong’s long list of experience, viewers might be tempted to think Marvel tracked the Miss Minutes actor down to join the cast of Loki. However, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Strong emphasized that she still needs to audition for such parts, even after being in the industry for so long.

“I had to audition!” Strong explained. “It’s actually quite surprising for many people to learn that most voice actors — even ones who’ve been in the business for 30 or 40 years — often audition for parts they’ve already had.”

As for why the Loki star was interested in playing Miss Minutes, she spoke to the fact that the little orange clock is much more than she appears. When Tom Hiddleston’s trickster first runs into her, she’s welcoming and educational. However, she’s got a bite behind that friendly appearance.

“Miss Minutes is such an interesting character because initially you think she’s just someone who’s giving exposition on what happens to you when you get to the TVA,” she said. “But by episode two, you realize she’s got a little attitude. So she’s a lot of fun to play with.”

Whether that attitude will turn into something more sinister is the question fans are asking, especially with the TVA becoming Loki‘s Big Bad. Could Strong’s character be the mastermind behind everything happening on the show? Only time will tell.

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