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Loose Women airs VERY X-rated photos as panel discuss their sex lives at lunchtime

LOOSE Women broadcast some very saucy snaps today showing real life nude couples recreating sex positions.

The panel – Ruth Langsford, Carol McGiffin, Gloria Hunniford and Denise Welch – also discussed their sex lives.

The raunchy topic was born from the release of a new Norwegian sex guide for couples with health issues.

It features 60 positions that could be useful for people with knee and hip replacements, pregnant women, and those with back trouble.

Each position is acted out by a couple, but Loose Women censored their privates due to it being a lunchtime broadcast.

Host Ruth said: "The people in these pictures are not actually having sexual intercourse, but they are real life couples."

Carol called the images "beautiful" but claimed the book was unnecessary.

She said: "Look I read the joy of sex when I was 17, so I don't need to, frankly. I think a lot of people do prefer to sort these things out by themselves."

Denise Welch, 63, said her sex life is getting better with age.

"When we talk about sex on this show, because we're all older women, the amount of comments afterwards of people not wanting us to talk about it because we're older," she said.

"Well, I enjoy sex now more than ever."

While Gloria Hunniford told her co-stars: "Obviously I'm the oldest on the panel today, and if you think I'm going to talk about my sex life you have another thing coming."

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