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Love Is Blind boss claims Kenny Barnes is ‘trying to save face’ and was ‘extremely upset’ by brutal dumping at altar – The Sun

LOVE is Blind's Kenny Barnes' brutal dumping at the altar was so embarrassing that ever since the show he's been trying to save face, it has been claimed.

Kenny was paired with Kelly Chase and they made it down the aisle, only for things to take a bitter turn.

The former couple looked to be one of the more solid pairings during the show, until cracks came to the surface out of nowhere.

Kenny has since claimed that there were backroom talks where the couple jointly agreed they shouldn't get married. 

Now, a producer for the hit show has claimed that Kenny was trying to "save face" after being rejected.

"I applaud everyone on the show for participating in an open and honest way," he told Metro.

"With this show, we wanted to be transparent with what actually happened. Real, human behaviour is the most interesting thing.

"We don’t have to legislate what that is. If Jessica, for instance, had decided not to go through with the wedding, she didn’t have to.

"She took off her ring during the experiment. Nobody made her do that, nobody told her to put it back on. That was her decision."

"Nobody told anybody they had to sleep together, they did. Ultimately Kenny and Kelly did not. 

"We really want to see their authentic journey, and I think you see the real emotion from both Kenny and Kelly when you watch the show. You see their genuine emotion.’'

The producer also explained that Kenny’s backtracking may have been because he was embarrassed publicly about his relationship coming to such an abrupt end. 

‘‘I think that people like to sometimes engage in revision of history because they feel embarrassed or conflicted," he continued.

"They want to save face, or whatever. [They say], 'No, it didn’t mean anything to me.'

‘‘You see with Kenny and Kelly, how raw and real it was. I’m not there every second of the day, I can’t speak for what conversations they did or didn’t have, all I know is what they tell us and what they speak about with one another when we’re there, and what they tell us.’

‘‘I know for a fact that Kenny would have said 'I do' if Kelly had said 'I do,' on that day. I know, because I was there, that Kenny was extremely upset, as you see on the show.’’

Despite the duo not working out on the show, it seems that Kenny has now moved on by jumping into another relationship. 

The news comes after it was claimed that Kenny’s fellow contestant was lying about his admission of being a virgin.

Season one of Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.

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