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Love Island fans call Chloe Burrows a 'hypocrite' for acting shocked when Liam Reardon revealed he is 'a homewrecker'

LOVE Island fans slammed Chloe Burrows as a "hypocrite" for acting shocked when it was revealed Liam Reardon is a "homewrecker".

The 25-year-old boasted about her relationship with a married man before going into the villa – and admitted she “still drunks calls him” despite knowing he has a family.

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But when Faye told her what Liam had said about his own dating history, Chloe pretended like she was offended.

Liam admitted: "I text women who are in relationships."

Faye branded him a "snake" and told all the girls, with Chloe piping up: "Who does he think he is?"

Her comment didn't go unnoticed by viewers, with one saying: "Not Chloe the homewrecker acting like she's disgusted that Liam would go for someone in a relationship."

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Someone else said: "Hold on Chloe Ik ur not bashing Liam for being a homewrecker when u 2 are cut from the same cloth."

Another fumed: "Sorry Chloe saying "whaaat" when Faye said Liam said he was a homewrecker..she literally says in her promo that she doesn't care if men have partners."

A viewer added: "Why is Chloe acting shocked that Liam is a homewrecker, didn't she say she's partial to a married man."

Speaking about her preference for married men in her Love Island intro video, Chloe said:  “You would really think there were fit men in the city but there really aren’t. Most of them are married or have girlfriends so they are ‘off limits’.”

Laughing she added:  “They’re not really off limits.

“I mean I’m partial to a married man. I did meet someone at work, I thought it was love at first sight, until my manager reminded me of his wife and kids. Doesn’t mean I don’t drunk call him most weekends.”

And it seems she doesn’t just have her sights set on married men – as she warned:  “Any girl should be wary of her man but definitely around me but it’s always his fault.

“I am not going to make a move on someone who is really invested in his girl but I mean yeah, if I like someone then I like them.”

But her ex Lewis Fowler told The Sun she's been manipulated by Love Island bosses to pretend she is a man-eater, and she KNOWS one of the show’s producers.

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