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Love Island fans in hysterics over Ovie’s hilarious comment to distraught Curtis

Love Island fans believe the best line of the series has already been delivered by Ovie Soko.

Viewers were left in hysterics on Sunday night when the basketball player tried to comfort Curtis Pritchard.

The lads all gathered round to discover from distraught Curtis that he had ended his relationship with Amy Hart.

The professional ballroom dancer said: "I don’t know…I just feel like I will hurt her again in the future. For my head to have turned after four weeks and she said that she completely loved me."

Man of the hour Ovie then reminded Curtis that he is "not Jesus" in a hilarious moment.

Throwing out his arms, Ovie admitted: "Curtis, you’re not Jesus, bruv."

"You can’t expect to be perfect. It's not realistic, bruv."

Love Island viewers mocked up a photo of Curtis as Jesus on Twitter after watching the hilarious moment.

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One fan tweeted: "“Curtis, you’re not Jesus bruv” was possibly the best line of the season"

"Nahhh when Ovie said You're not Jesus Bruv to Curtis trying to reassure him. The way I laughed," added another.

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