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Love Island: Georgia Harrison says Tom got what he deserved as she claims Maura can win the ITV2 show in exclusive OK! column

So Arabella and Tom have been dumped from the island!

I think this was a brilliant twist by the Love Island producers as most of us predicted that it would just be a choice of the islanders to pick between the two bottom couples.

Let’s be honest, guys, Tom was a bit of an idiot during his time in the villa.

First he spoke degradingly about Maura to the lads, and then he told Jordan that he found her cringe and an attention seeker.

What’s even worse is that he tried to lie about it and claimed he said those things about her when they first met but had changed his mind since.

Well done to Maura for knowing her worth and ditching his chiselled jawline.

She started off a little badly in the villa – flirting outrageously with Tommy – but has now won viewers over I think with her honesty and likeable sass.

For me, Maura is easily my favourite and I really hope she can go on to win the show.

Now, back to Tom. If I’m honest he’s not going to be missed at all. I wasn’t that keen on him from the start and I think it’s best all round that he’s gone.

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Arabella was given some harsh feedback by viewers online, but again I don’t think she did anything wrong.

Yes, she stole Yewande’s man but was she expected to do? The show is called Love Island guys, she wasn’t there to make friends.

At the time of writing this Casa Amor is just hours away from opening its doors and I’m so excited for Anton.

This is his chance to finally find a woman he can connect with and he’ll have no competition whatsoever because all the other guys are coupled up!

I would like to think Lucie could find a guy too, but having looked at the pictures of the boys going in, none of them seem like the surfer type at all.

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Wouldn’t it have been smart of the Love Island producers to get at least one guy with long hair in Casa Amor?

That’s it for me this week, I’ll see you after the weekend xx

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