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Love Islands Anna Vakili hopes Liberty gives Jake a taste of his own medicine

Love Island's Anna Vakili has been sharing her thoughts on this year's batch of Islanders, and needless to say, she isn't impressed with Jake Cornish.

The 24-year-old water engineer has been coupled up with Liberty Poole, 21, since day one, and last night viewers saw Lib give him a piece of her mind.

Jake turns his head for every blonde girl in there, and poor Liberty had enough and pulled him for a chat.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star's Carly Hacon on a Facebook Live chat, Anna didn't hold back with her thoughts about Jake and what she hope's the stunning blonde will do next.

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Talking about her chat with Jake, Anna said: “I think she started off well, when she was like, ‘I'm giving you 110% and I want it back.’ but I just think he's really good at what he does.

“Do you not think he's really good at manipulating the situation to seem like it's absolutely normal, but it's not.”

Anna thinks he’s messing Liberty around and wasting her time, as she added: “If you like someone, you get to know them.

“I just feel like, especially with them, that it's been long enough to know if he wants to get to know other people.”

Anna thinks it doesn’t look good for lovestruck Lib: “If he doesn't want to get to know just her at this point, then it's obvious he doesn't like her enough.

“She genuinely likes him. He doesn't. He doesn't actually genuinely like her.”

Anna then shared what she hopes will happen next for the former Nando’s waitress.

“I hope someone comes in, and she gives him a taste of his own medicine and says, I want to get to know him and see how he feels," she said.

Anna then mused over whether, had she been in the same situation, would she have given the other lads the time of day.

“Well you know me!” she laughed. “The next guy that would walk in? I don't even care if he's not my type, I'm getting to know him.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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