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Love Island's Liberty Poole's shock orgasm confession leaves fans open-mouthed after raunchy challenge

LOVE Island star Liberty Poole's steamy sex confession on last night's episode has left fans stunned.

The 12 islanders were rounded up to take part in a saucy getting to know you game called Horny Devils, where their biggest sex secrets were revealed. 

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Dressed in devil horns and tails (and their swimsuits) the gang then read out a number of sex confessions on the list – before snogging who they thought the admission belonged to. 

After one of the boys clues read, "This girl orgasms in her sleep", West Country lad Jake Cornish immediately claimed it was Liberty after she told him that she sneezes in her sleep the night before.

Despite Jake's suggestion, Toby locked lips with Kaz only to find out that it was in fact Liberty.

While her fellow islanders laughed off her saucy confession, viewers at home were left baffled and took to Twitter in their droves to ask how she does it.

One bemused fan penned: "Lmao liberty orgasms in her sleep?"

"Now Liberty… you orgasm in your sleep" another confused viewer shared.

A third joked: "Wow! Liberty must have some real night terrors".

"I’m sorry but Liberty needs to explain to us how she can orgasm in her sleep, we cannot let that one go," another commented. "Help us girls out."

Elswhere, Faye Winter couldn’t resist making a swipe at Jake over his height during a cheeky game on Love Island – leaving fans divided.

The girls had to work out which of the boys had had sex in a kitchen.

Faye, 26, jibed in response: "I don’t think it’s Jake because I don’t think he’ll be able to reach the counter.” 

The camera then panned to Jake, who looked taken aback by the remark, while the other girls awkwardly giggled.

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Viewers were left cringing at the moment and slammed Faye for saying it… while also using it as an excuse to bust out some memes in jest. 

The second episode of Love Island definitely threw a cat amongst the pigeons with the arrival of Chloe Burrows, who was given 24 hours to pick a man to couple up with. 

It would mean stealing him from one of the existing islanders, threatening their position on the show as a result. 

While it doesn’t appear any couples are currently taking shape, it doesn’t mean that the girls got any less territorial about their potential beaus.

At the end of the episode, viewers were left on a cliffhanger as Chloe prepared to make her decision. 

And from what we can tell by tomorrow’s teaser, it’s going to have some dramatic consequences for the rest of the group. 

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2. 

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