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Lucy Alexander hints she could return to Homes Under the Hammer – The Sun

LUCY Alexander has hinted she could make a comeback to Homes Under The Hammer.

The TV presenter stepped down from the property renovation show in 2016, after 13 years, to pursue other opportunities.

She now hosts The Customer Is Always Right, in which entrepreneurs face a panel of opinionated consumers and YouTubers.

Alexander told the PA news agency that fans asked her to return to Homes Under The Hammer “all the time”.

She added: “Everybody asks me: ‘Am I going to go back?’ But I’m still on it! (TV channel) Really are showing every episode of Homes Under The Hammer every day, so I’m still on the screen and I haven’t done in about five years – but I’m on it constantly.

“It still feels like yesterday and I still see Martin (Roberts) and we still go out and have a drink and have a laugh and talk about the good old days.

“But it was a huge, huge, huge part of my life that I loved so much and still love and never say never.”

Alexander said lockdown had offered her a chance to relax.

She told PA: “I really think, for me, I’m a really manic person – filming, working, TV jobs, voice overs, up and down from London.

“My daughter is currently doing A-levels and she’s auditioning for drama school, my son is a footballer and plays for Chelsea, it’s all crazy in my house.



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“And now, honestly, it’s been a bit trying as well, we’ve had to separate into our own spaces,

“But coming together and knowing there’s no rush to do anything, it’s almost like somebody has just gone… like a magic wand, ‘And relax, and breathe’ and I feel no stress, no pressure.”

The Customer Is Always Right returns to BBC One on April 20.

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