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Luisa Zissman brands Apprentice star delusional and calls show return boring

Luisa Zissman has brandedThe Apprentice’s TV return as “a bit boring”, and shared her thoughts on the boy team’s controversial – and undeniably hilarious – logo.

The last season of the hit BBC show was in 2019 and, in the wake of its highly anticipated return, OK! spoke to Luisa about what she thought about the 16th season’s debut on Thursday night.

One thing that got people talking was the boy’s team's logo for The Cruise challenge, which quickly went on to be branded asthe “worst logo in the show’s history"by British business mogul and the show's "boss", Lord Alan Sugar.

Luisa echoed similar sentiments to Lord Sugar, and described the boys as “delusional” for thinking that it was a good idea.

She told us: “It looked like a poo, I thought. The first episode is always hilarious because you don’t really know anyone, and the way they edit it, they’ll always put the standout figures (at the forefront).”

“It was so bad,” Luisa added.

Akeem Bundu-Kamara was arguably the brains behind the odd logo, but still managed to evade Lord Sugar’s infamous firing.

Thefirst person to leave the show was Harry Mahmood, something which Luisa believed to have been “unfair”.

She said to OK!: “I didn’t think that Harry should have been fired.

“It’s hard the first half (of the show) because the ones that put themselves out there, you either sink or swim and, inevitably, if you don’t win, you’re always one of the first ones to go.”

“It seemed a bit unfair,” Luisa continued. “I actually thought he was alright to be honest.”

Discussing who she thinks should have gone instead, the Celebrity Big Brother star added: “Akeem should have gone. Anyone who thinks (that logo) is good is absolutely delusional.”

While Luisa and the rest of The Apprentice viewers were entertained with the boy’s team's memorable logo, the 34 year old said the episode was “a little bit boring”, but that she expects that it will improve when fans get to know this year’s contestants better.

As to who Luisa think’s could do well in the competition, she described Shama Admin as “one to watch”.

“I quite liked her,” said Luisa of Shama. “I think she could potentially be one to watch.”

Lusia went on to say that none of the other contestants “really stood out” for her.

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