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Mack discovers Chloe is pregnant with his baby in Emmerdale

Following Kerry (Laura Norton)’s recent departure from Emmerdale, Chloe (Jessie Elland) is left feeling isolated as she deals with the fact that she’s pregnant and on her own.

There is a supportive person around though – Charity (Emma Atkins). Who also happens to be the partner of the baby’s father, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb). Clearly it’s an awkward situation and Chloe struggles with Charity’s kindness.

And Mackenzie struggles a bit, too, when Charity tells him that Chloe is pregnant.

He obviously wonders if this could be anything to do with the one night stand he and Chloe had after he had an argument with Charity, so he heads over to Keepers to find out.

Chloe confirms that the baby is his, and that she plans to keep it. Mackenzie is left terrified that his secret will come out, particularly when he finds out that Kerry also knows about it.

Knowing that it’ll be better for him if Charity hears about the baby from him rather than anyone else, he braces himself to tell her, wondering whether their relationship will survive this latest blow.

How will Charity react?

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