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Married At First Sight Australia's Cyrell 'calls bull****' on 'scripted scenes' saying 'no one holds a gun to your head'

CYRELL Paule has slammed the "bull****" claims about Married At First Sight Australia being scripted, insisting: "No one holds a gun to your head".

The show's most controversial brides, Jessika Power and Ines Basic, have both accused producers of feeding them lines as they filmed the hit TV series.

But 32-year-old Cyrell claims her cheating co-stars are just trying to find excuses for their bad behaviour.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Cyrell said: "Jessika – no matter what a producer has said, it's common sense that if you're stealing someone's husband and f***ing around behind your husband's back, it's going to look bad.

"Is she that dumb? Is she five years old?

"Did any of those producers have a gun to their head?  It was not a life-threatening situation."

She added: "I love Ines now and the way she has said it to me is that she feels like she was manipulated. 

"Even to Ines' face, I've always said to her 'no offence, but if you really didn't want to do it, you really didn't have to.'

"You had the choice to say no. I call bull**** on that. It's just an excuse to get away with the things they did."

Ines this week told how she acted out fake fights and repeated lines fed to her by producers.

Defending herself after getting death threats for being "the worst bride ever", Ines said a producer told her to threaten to cut husband Bronson's parasail on their honeymoon so he would "sail away into the sky".

Now she has claimed her boat fight with husband Bronson Norrish on their honeymoon was scripted.

Meanwhile Jess has said she felt "tricked" into making a move on Cyrell's husband Nic Jovanovic, saying she was plied with booze.

She has since blamed having an affair with Dan Webb behind their partners' backs on being "broken inside".

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