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Masked Singer finale LIVE – Queen Of Hearts' emotional performance makes judges cry and duo Banana Split is revealed

THE Queen of Heart's emotional performance on Wednesday's Group B final made the judges cry and earned her a spot in the finale, as Banana Split was eliminated.

The duo was revealed to be Katherine McPhee and her husband, producer David Foster.

In the show's second finale for the season, Group B's stars battled it out for a spot in the Grand Finale next week.

The Queen of hearts will now face the Bull from Group A.

The Grand Finale of Season 6 is then set to air on December 15.

The Skunk was revealed as singer Faith Evans last week while the Bull got a ticket to the finals.

Skunk joined  Beach Ball, Hamster, Cupcake, Baby, Dalmatian, Pufferfish, Mother Nature, and Octopus as characters who had all been sent home this season.

Nick Cannon hosts the show, with Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy the judges.

Please read our Masked Singer finale live blog for the latest news and updates...

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Banana Split is unmasked

    The duo behind the costume was Katherine McPhee and her husband David Foster, as fans thought.

    Judges Ken, Nicole and Jenny had the right guesses.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Queen of Hearts is the winner

    "I'm just shaking. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this,' said the Queen of Hearts.

    "We'll just have to see when we get there,'" she said about facing the Bull next week.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Banana Split is eliminated

    The duo was let go during the show's Group B finals.

    That means the Queen of Hearts is the winner of Group B and will face the Bull in the finale.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Fans loved Nicole's performance

    Following her duet with Queen of Hearts, fans praised judge Nicole's abilities.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Nicole and Queen of Hearts together

    In the second duet of the night, the Queen and Nicole performed "Dream On" by Aerosmith.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Robin Thick and Banana Split perform

    The banana played the piano as the ice cream sand with judge Robin.

    They sang "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" by Stevie Wonder.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Banana Split on their time on the show

    "I've been itching to branch out and this entire experience really has been exhilarating," said the banana.

    "I've learned that I love to be silly," said the ice cream.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Queen of Heart's cannon clue

    The contestant's clue was a red shirt that said "wrestle."

    "I'm not afraid to get in the ring and get a little dirty," said the Queen of Hearts.

    That led judge Ken to wonder whether the contestant was superstar Christina Aguilera.

    Nicole agreed with the audience, and suggested Queen of Hearts is Jewel.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Fans think Queen of Heart is Jewel

    Fans reacted online to Queen of Heart's electric first performance of the night, and theorized singer Jewel is behind the mask.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Queen of Hearts opens up

    Before taking the stage, the contestant said "there was a time in her life she was living like an animal," concerned about how to get food or shelter.

    "I got to see life from both sides now, real poor and real wealthy, and it's the poorest people who are the most generous," she added.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Banana Split's cannon clue

    This week's clue for the duo was a Madison Square Garden shirt.

    Banana said the clue was related to judge Nicole, who said she understood the reference from her first show, which was produced by David Foster, rumored to be the Banana.

    Robin said his father was close to David and he grew up calling him "uncle Dave."

    The judge said he didn't believe Foster would perform in a Banana costume.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Banana split's first performance

    The duo's first song of the night was "Singing in the Rain" by Arthur Freed.

    The ice cream in the Banana Split sang the entire song and even had a small tap-dancing part.

    The banana stood behind his partner directing.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Viewers excited to watch

    Fans of the show are sharing their hopes and final guesses for tonight's group B finals.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Group B finals begin

    The show has started and host Nick Cannon has announced there will be two duets tonight.

    Banana Split and judge Robin Thick, as well as judge Nicole Scherzinger and Queen of Hearts, will perform a song together.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Almost show time

    It's almost time for the group B finals!

    You can watch the show live on FOX at 8pmEST.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    The rules of the game

    The Masked Singer is a super-secret singing competition on Fox where celebrities face off against each other in elaborate costumes to hide their identity.

    Judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger are all tasked with trying to figure out who is behind the mask.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Who was eliminated last week?

    The Skunk was eliminated on the last Masked Singer episode, leaving the Bull to head to the finals.

  • G. P. Rodriguez

    Who is Banana Split?

    Banana Split is one of only two duos to compete on the show.

    The first duo was back in season 4 when Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black dressed up as Snow Owls.

    While they might be the second duo, Banana Split is the first duo to not be inside the same costume together.

    While it is still unknown who is behind the mask, the first clue was revealed as a trio of red candy apples. 

    In episode 3, the female half of this duo, the ice cream, sang A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.

    She then returned in episode 5 sing Cry Me a River, with Banana playing the piano.

    Viewers believe that Banana Split are husband and wife David Foster and Katharine McPhee. 

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