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Matt Hancocks SAS: Who Dares Wins beasting was too soft – it needed pliers

Were you let down by the alleged grilling Matt “Handsy” Hancock got on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins? Where was the water-boarding? Where were the pliers?

In fairness, the former Health Secretary did get punched repeatedly in the kisser by Jermaine Pennant – a tad tougher than eating a cow’s arse in the jungle. And Foxy did dub him “Hancock without the ‘Han’.”

He was also called a “complete and utter buffoon”, told he runs “like a f***ing ostrich” and ordered to “shut the f*** up”. But to really hit home, directing staff should have brought in heavy-hitter Nick Ferrari with tough questions. Like what about the 20% stake “Cock” had in his sister’s company that somehow won a £300k NHS contract…

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  • Pennant was the first footballer to play in the Premier League with an electronic ankle tag. Throw in Gareth “don’t mention the HIV” Thomas and it starts looking like SAS: Who Cares Who Wins. Unless, like me, you’re cheering on Melinda.

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  • Why won’t Beeb bosses let adults watch cherished 70s comedies like It Ain’t Half Hot Mum? Stop acting like the Thought Police and let us make our own choices.

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