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Maura admits Curtis's 'head could be turned' during date with Love Island new boy Greg

MAURA admits she isn't convinced Curtis' head won't be turned again.

The model, 28, confessed that she's insecure in her relationship with Amy Hart's ex while she was on a day with new guy Greg.

During her date with Greg, he and Maura talk about her relationship with Curtis.

Greg asks “Could you see at any stage his head being turned again?”

Maura replies “Anything could happen. I’d hope it wouldn’t but I can’t really call it.”

In the Beach Hut, Maura reflects on Greg’s decision to take her on a date.

She says: “It’s kind of good in a way because Curtis might get a bit jealous!

"I’m glad none of the girls are taking Curtis on a date.”

Maura's head has been turned several times while in the villa.

She had her sights set on Danny, and urged him to dump Yewande.

She also told Tommy Fury she had feelings for him – while on the day beds, she then asked the boxer whether he wanted to kiss her.

The Irish beauty shared her first kiss in Casa Amor with Dennon Lewis.

And in episode 26, Maura picked Marvin.

Maura claims to have never cheated on any of her former partners, saying she takes loyalty very seriously.

She said: “I’ve never cheated. I’ve been cheated on.

"I will trust someone until they do something wrong to me, I’m very much like that.

"What’s your definition of girl”.

Love Island airs tonight, ITV2, at 9pm.

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