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Mayor of Kingstown boss shares Jeremy Renner update as he shares hopes

Mayor of Kingstown: Jeremy Renner stars in dramatic trailer

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Mayor of Kingstown kicked off season two on Paramount+ on Sunday just weeks after its leading star Jeremy Renner was airlifted to the hospital in Nevada. Renner’s representative said in a statement the Avengers star had suffered “blunt chest trauma and orthopaedic injuries”. While his character Mike McLusky returned to front the series on-screen, co-creator and Ian Ferguson star Hugh Dillon has spoken out about his co-star’s scare and ongoing recovery.

“I heard about it from one of the other producers,” Dillon said of Renner’s medical emergency.

He continued: “I saw it on the news and then he sent me a video. He’s very funny.

“I just think the world of that guy and I’m happy he’s surrounded by his family.

“Anything we can do to help, we will. That’s the biggest thing. He’s like family,” the Mayor of Kingstown boss told Deadline.

In a separate interview with the Toronto Star, Dillon echoed: “He’s a family member. I’ll tell you, I’d never been so shocked.

“He’s like a brother. I completely forgot about the show; I only cared about Jeremy.”

Renner does remain on the mend, however, and has been sharing updates from the hospital on his Instagram page.

A week after he was airlifted to the hospital, he shared a selfie from his bed with the caption: “Thank you all for your kind words. Im too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all.” (Sic)

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He also shared a video clip of his sister washing his hair from his hospital bed a few days later as his recovery continues.

And on Friday, January 13, Renner posted via his Instagram Story that he was being taken into a room by a nurse for a medical scan.

He captioned the short social media clip: “I wish you all a very special night.”

Meanwhile, season two of the hit drama kicked off as it dealt with the repercussion of the season one finale’s prison riot.

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While it resulted in Milo Sutter’s (Aiden Gillen) escape, it left absolute carnage in its wake.

In particular, season two showed how Captain Kareem Moore (Michael Beach) was left traumatised by what he’d witnessed.

The prison showed very little signs of returning to normality either, with inmates living in makeshift camps and gang violence continuing to ripple through the population.

On the outside, Renner’s McLusky struggles to get a grip on the chaos that’s ensuing beyond the prison’s walls as well as gang shootings and drive-bys persist.

The episode ended with McLusky learning of Milo’s possible escape as his body hasn’t been identified and he hasn’t been spotted with his fellow inmates.

As the episode edged towards its climax, Kareem exacted his murderous revenge on his attackers.

Add to the mix a new job for McLusky’s brother Kyle (Taylor Handley) and a brutal mugging of mum Mariam (Dianne West) and it’s safe to say McLusky has his hands full going forward.

Mayor of Kingstown continues Sunday on Paramount+ in the USA and Monday on Paramount+ in the UK.

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