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Mick Carter goes to desperate lengths in EastEnders

With Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda (Kellie Bright) having been informed that Ollie’s autism assessment could be months away, emotions have been running high in the Carter household in EastEnders. However, Mick is more determined than ever to get a private appointment, and — with the Walford 10k on the horizon — he spies an opportunity to raise some cash.

With Gray (Toby Alexander-Smith) and Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) drumming up support for the impending charity event by encouraging several Walford regulars to take part, Mick decides to sign himself up.

It soon becomes apparent that his motivation in doing so is to raise money for Ollie’s private assessment — something which he later reveals to Linda. However — in spite of his good intentions — he doesn’t quite get the reaction he was hoping for from his wife.

Meanwhile, Chantelle takes it upon herself to raise publicity for the event and, as a result, she contacts a journalist, but when Whitney (Shona McGarty) opens up to her about her wedding woes, the Hair & Fox stylist misses a call from said journalist, which puts the kibosh on the whole thing — something which she later relays to a saddened Mick.

Unable to sit by and do nothing, Shirley (Linda Henry) comes to the rescue, as she gets a hold of one of her old photographer friends.

However, as everyone gathers for the photo, things don’t exactly go to plan, which leaves Linda upset once more.

Will Mick manage to convince Linda to support his mission? We know that the Carter patriarch will find himself fighting for his life in future scenes as a result of stress, so could these heated disagreements with Linda prove to be a contributing factor?

One to watch: Monday 8th July at 8pm on BBC One.

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