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Mike Myers’ Son Has Ideas for ‘Austin Powers 4’

Moviegoers around the world wondered why Mike Myers hasn’t returned to star in an Austin Powers 4. However, it turns out that his son had the exact same question for the actor. Myers might have a son who wants to see Austin Powers 4, but not all of his children are particularly big fans of his work.

How many kids does potential ‘Austin Powers 4’ actor Mike Myers have?

Jimmy Kimmel Live brought Myers onto the show as a guest with Mike Birbiglia guest hosting. They talked about how many children the actor has and their opinions of his work.

“I have three kids – 10, 8, and 6,” Myers said. “The 10-year-old, he likes my stuff, thank God. My 8-year-old and my 6-year-old, not so much. They’re not giant fans, but they’re New Yorkers, so it’s very hard.”

Myers continued: “I’ll say something like, ‘You have to go to bed now’ and my youngest still has baby r’s, she goes, ‘You’re boring.’ What? I didn’t expect that. I wrote a book about Canada called Mike Myers’ Canada. She reached back without looking to the book, went, ‘Your book is boring. Your essence is boring. Your body of work is boring. Canada’s boring!’ Yeah, not a fan, which is tough.”

It’s clear that not everybody around Myers wants to see Austin Powers 4, including his youngest kid.

Mike Myer’s son ‘has ideas’ for ‘Austin Powers 4’

Myers continued to speak about his children on Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, he specifically brought up his son, who he’s extremely glad to also have as a fan.

“My oldest is a fan, but being a New York kid, a little more sophisticated,” Myers said. “I read him a bedtime story and he went, ‘Dad, I have a question.’ I thought, ‘OK, here it comes. Like, why is the sky blue?’ He went, ‘Do you think there’s going to be a fourth Austin Powers?’”

Myers joked about Austin Powers 4: “I said, ‘Get off my back, kid!’ No, I said, ‘There might be. I’d like to.’ He goes, ‘I have some thoughts.’ He wanted Dr. Evil’s lair to be in the sewer. I’m like, ‘I like it. I’ll never forget where I was when I thought of it, kid. There’s only one star in a Mike Myers movie and that’s Mike Myers, kid!’”

His children didn’t like ‘Shrek’

Naturally,Birbiglia wanted to know if Myers ever got his children excited about any of his other work away from a potential Austin Powers 4. The actor explained that he showed them a few of his other movies, but the experience didn’t quite go as planned.

“They watched Shrek, but they don’t like it,” Myers said, with sounds of disappointment coming from the crowd. “They like Cat in the Hat. It’s awful.”

Myers told a story: “My son went to American Dream, that thing in New Jersey and it’s got a giant Shrek. He’s got a phone now and he took a picture of him with the giant Shrek behind him with stink face. I’m like, ‘I’m sorry. Do you like your shoes? Those are the shoes that Shrek bought.’”

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