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Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin rescue a 5 week old kitten off a two lane highway in Texas – The Sun

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin rescued a five-week-old kitten off a two-lane highway in Texas.

The country singer has welcomed a new furry friend, Tequila, to the family.

Miranda shared a pic with the new kitten on Instagram.

She captioned the post relaying how her husband rescued Tequila: "Two lane highway in Texas, speed limit 70.

"Brendan slows down and does a U-turn… Me to B: “why are you turning around?“

"B to me: “there’s a kitten in the road and I knew you would kill me if I saw it and didn’t stop.” Well I guess the rescue ways are rubbing off on him.

"We stopped at mom and dads on the way home. Dad has a new bestie. This kitten rode 9 hours back to Nashville with us and 3 dogs and was such a champ.

"He is 4-5 weeks old and weighs 14 Ounces. Y’all welcome Tequila the kitten to the family!"

Miranda's parents are actually the family giving Tequilla a new forever home.

Brendan found the kitten at the end of his and Miranda's recent RV road trip.

The couple's stops included New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

Miranda posted in May, after quarantining for months, she and Brendan were ready for a bit of travel in their new RV.

She posted: “Just because I can’t travel and play shows doesn’t mean I can’t travel and make music."

Miranda said of hitting the road: “It was a nice change of pace. Something about the highway is calming, and at the same time keeps you completely focused to drive a lot because most of my adult life I’ve been driven around on a tour bus.

Last week, Miranda also wished her dad and Brenda a happy father's day writing: “Happy Father’s Day to two of the best ones in the world!”

“Love you Rick Lambert for a million reasons, one being teaching us how to fish.

She went on: "And Brendan, thank you for being a great dad to all of the kids in our lives!

“These two men are my rocks. Wishing all fur dads, stepdads, and father-in-laws the best day!”

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