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Mirzapur: Has Shaji Choudhary left Mirzapur for good as Maqbool?

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Amazon Prime Video series Mirzapur left fans desperate for more after finishing things on a shocking note in the season two finale. It looked like some characters had departed included Maqbool Khan (played by Shaji Chaudhary). However, is the character now gone for good after some brutal final scenes?

Has Shaji Choudhary left Mirzapur for good as Maqbool?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Mirzapur season 2

The second outing of Mirzapur saw the beginning of the end for the Tripathis after Maqbool took his vengeance on patriarch Bauji (Kulbhushan Kharbanda).

Maqbool’s family had been attacked and killed by the Tripathis, despite his years of service to the mob family.

In a twist, it was Beena Tripathi (Rasika Dugal) who killed Bauji after she too wanted revenge against the man who had sexually assaulted her.

Beena took her time as she made sure Bauji endured a slow and pain death involving a meat cleaver rather than a quick one with a bullet.

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Maqbool fled and took the fall for Beena’s actions with the Tripathis falsely believing he was behind it.

Although he did have a hand in Bauji’s death, he allowed Beena to be the one to finish off the job.

The finale suggested the Tripathis’ associates were on the prowl for Maqbool, who had gone underground.

From the looks of it, Maqbool could now be gone for good as he fled Mirzapur for his own safety.

Season three of Mirzapur is in the works and at this stage, anything could happen in the story.

Maqbool could return to the show or he could decide to remain out of the picture and lay low.

Alternatively, with Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) still alive, Maqbool could be killed off at a later stage.

He could rear his head when he believes all is safe with Beena perhaps protecting him, only for Kaleen Bhaiya to then murder him.

There is all the matter of Bauji’s death, Maqbool is one of the few people to know what really happened and if Beena feels he could be a threat, she too may take him out.

Either way, Maqbool’s future on Mirzapur is highly precarious and there is much for him to lose.

Season two shed much more light on Maqbool’s backstory and revealed he was loyal to the Tripathis because they paid the medical expenses for his mother when she was ill.

But the moment she was killed off, Maqbool showed where his love and loyalty really lay.

Reflecting on the shift in his character between seasons one and two of Mirzapur, star Choudhary said when audiences first met Maqbool he was simply Kaleen Bhaiya’s right-hand man and there was no emotional side to it.

He explained: “But when the mother was killed, that’s when you get to see a different Maqbool.

“That’s when Maqbool reveals shows his loyalty towards his mother, where he picks up the gun and tries to kill the Tripathi family because they harmed someone towards whom Maqbool was unconsciously, emotionally loyal.”

On why Maqbool allowed Beena to murder Bauji, he added to the IBTimes: “When Rasika Dugal’s character expresses her desire to kill the father-in-law, Maqbool even softens up and learns maybe their pain is more than his pain and he allows them to kill the father-in-law instead.”

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