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My Name: Is South Korean Netflix drama based on a true story?

Netflix releases trailer for tense new series My Name

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My Name is Netflix’s new South Korean drama series, coming straight after the runaway success of Squid Game. Yoon Ji-u (played by Han So-hee) relentlessly hunts down those responsible for the death of her father, going as far as working undercover in the police force. The story is set to be action-packed and violent as it charts the course of vengeance.

Is My Name based on a true story?

The story of My Name looks to be a brutal ride as it focuses on Ji-u’s need for revenge.

Spread across eight episodes, the show brings together elements from popular franchises including John Wick and Internal Affairs, which was remade into The Departed.

However, the show itself is a completely original idea from the writer-director team of Kim Jin-min and Kim Ba-da.

Jin-min is the director behind shows such as Extracurricular and Marriage Contract, while Ba-da is best known for writing Life Risking Romance.

Therefore, the show is a wholly original idea and is not based on true events.

It is not confirmed if this is set to be a limited series or if Netflix intends to continue it across multiple seasons.

Netflix may be keener to expand their South Korean catalogue following the success of Squid Game, which just became its biggest launch in the history of the platform.

As such, fans should expect My Name to be the beginning of a new era of the service, with the show are the forefront of a Korean series renaissance.

Who is in the cast of My Name?

Joining So-hee is a cast of familiar faces for South Korean audiences, all making their Netflix debut.

The main cast includes Choi Moo-jin (Park Hee-soon), Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun), and Cha hi-ho (Kim Sang-ho).

Rounding out the main cast is Jung Tae-joo (Lee Hak-joo) and Do Gang-jae (Chang Ryull).

Main star So-hee has been sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes snaps on her Instagram over the past few months.

In her most recent picture, she showed herself covered in fake blood, confirming the series will be another violent ride.

She also shared the trailer of the series, which has given fans the best look at what to expect from the show.

During the trailer, a voice can be heard saying: “Now your life is in our hands. Whatever you do, we’ll protect you.”

The trailer also doesn’t hold back on the action, as Ji-u can be seen fighting a group through a blue neon-soaked corridor.

Later, she is seen caught in the middle of a gunfight, with only a knife to protect herself.

Viewers rushed to the YouTube comments to share their excitement, with LV writing: “Netflix is killing it with Korean dramas. Hopefully, more people will get exposed to the Korean style.”

“Han So-hee is a brilliant actress. Can’t wait for this masterpiece,” Promodini Jayasuriya added.

Marion Lhermitte commented: “I can’t wait. Han So-hee is a wonderful actress and seeing her in action will be a delight I bet.”

My Name will premiere on October 15 exclusively on Netflix.

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