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Outlander fans want to know how many times Jamie Fraser has been married

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Outlander. 

Outlander is an epic romantic drama unlike any other with many curious to know exactly how many wives Jamie Fraser has had.

The Starz series returned for its seventh outing back in June with the first eight episodes released on the streamer, including the midseason finale.

With the writers and actors strikes ongoing in Hollywood, the second part of season seven has been delayed and is unlikely to begin until next year.

So far, there has been no confirmation regarding a potential release date and so to combat the wait, many are rewatching old episodes of Outlander.

This has led some to question just how many times Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) has been married over the years.

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How many times has Jamie Fraser been married in Outlander? 

Outlander’s Jamie Fraser may have many admirers but he has only been married twice.

His first marriage was to Claire Beauchamp (Caitriona Balfe) who he fell head over heels with when she first entered the stones from the 20th Century.

But their love story hit a major bump in the road as at the end of the second season, they were forced apart with Claire returning to her present day.

This was because Jamie was sure he was going to die on the battlefield of Culloden and wanted to keep Claire and their unborn child safe.

So she went back to the 1940s and raised their daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) for 20 years with her first husband Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies).

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Jamie did, however, survive Culloden and was depressed without his one true love by his side.

That was until he came across Laoghaire MacKenzie’s (Nell Hudson) young daughters Marsali (Lauren Lyle) and Joan (Layla Burns) who were very sweet to him.

As he faced a life without Claire, Jamie decided to marry Laoghaire in 1764 so he could be a father to the children, since he wasn’t able to be a dad to Brianna or Willie (Clark Butler).

Their marriage didn’t last long though and he ended up living and when Claire returned in 1766, as she was still alive, his and Laoghaire’s marriage was legally declared invalid.

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Jamie, Claire and Laoghaire’s fates had been entangled from the start as when Claire saw the other two kiss in season one, this pushed her to admit her true feelings.

And in retaliation, Laoghaire accused Claire of witchcraft to try and get her out of the way, having her tried and almost killed.

Thankfully, her plan didn’t work and Laoghaire hasn’t been seen since season four.

Outlander is available to watch on Starz.

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