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Professor T viewers can't get past one big problem as Ben Miller drama kicks off on ITV

PROFESSOR T viewers were distracted when the crime drama starring Ben Miller aired its first episode on Sunday night.

The new ITV drama was branded "unlikeable" due to fans being enraged by the amount of advert breaks.

One viewer said: “Going to have to record this, so much time wasted with adverts already."

A second wrote: "I am LOVING this, like seriously in love with him already but all these ad breaks I don’t like as much."

Another penned: "Why are there so many adverts #ProfessorT."

The compelling first episode followed Jasper Tempest (Ben Miller) help a former student and police detective investigate a serial rapist.

The University of Cambridge criminology professor was persuaded by former student Lisa Donckers (Emma Naomi) to help her investigate a series of rapes. 

Lisa’s colleague Dan Winters (Barney White) was sceptical of Jasper’s involvement at first but he soon proved his worth.

Also, Jasper had to navigate his sweet but overbearing mother. 

Adelaide Tempest (Frances de la Tour) revealed she wanted to sell his long-abandoned family home. 

However, the professor decided he would move into the derelict property himself.

The six-episode series is structured as a procedural, with each episode delving into a fresh investigation.

Through a series of flashbacks we learn that the titular Jasper Tempest had a largely unhappy childhood, and his relationship with his mother remains strained throughout.

The professor also has obsessive compulsive disorder (ODC), which obliges him to wear a pair of white latex gloves at all times. 

Professor T continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV.

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