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Rachel Riley clashes with antiques expert over hideous find: Its horrible!

Antiques Road Trip: Rachel Riley discusses 'hideous' item

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On Tuesday’s Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Rachel Riley and her Strictly Come Dancing partner-turned husband Pasha Kovalev went head-to-head to find the most profitable antiques. The Countdown host teamed up with expert David Harper, while Pasha was hoping Paul Martin could help him win the BBC competition.

However, during their search, Rachel and David disagreed with one of the expert’s finds.

The duo paid a visit to the Shoulder of Mutton antique shop in Aldgate, where they ended up finding a number of items.

Although, it was one item in particular that caught David’s eye.

Picking up a horse brooch priced at £20, David said: “I found something you are going to adore.”

“Where is it? Rachel joked as she repeated: “Where is it?”

The expert continued: “Don’t you love that? It’s a horse.”

As an unimpressed Rachel picked up the miniature item, she noted: “It’s not shiny, David.”

David put his hands to his face as Rachel continued: “Look at that. I mean my one-year-old could do better than that.”

As David tried to persuade the Countdown host, she added: “It looks really ill.

“Look at that horse, it’s a sickly horse.”

Despite Rachel’s criticism, David went on to point out that he believed the item was over 1,000 years old.

“It’s £20, it’s for nothing. I think it’s gorgeous,” the expert explained.

“Really?” Rachel quizzed as David pleaded: “I am desperate for you to buy it.”

The expert told Rachel he thought the item might fetch a lot at auction so in the end, Rachel gave in and bought the horse brooch.

When it came to going under the hammer, David’s co-star Paul asked: “Is this the Saxon brooch?”

Rachel simply hit back: “It’s hideous. It’s horrible.”

David was quick to butt in as the pair clashed and he explained that Rachel’s taste was very different to his.

In the auction room, the brooch ended up selling for £85.

“Well done, David,” Rachel praised as Pasha asked: “Do you like that little horse now?”

“No,” Rachel hit back. “Not going to miss it but I like the money.”

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip returns on Tuesday at 7pm on BBC One.

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