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Reported Missing viewers in tears over harrowing dementia episode

Reported Missing viewers took to Twitter in tears to discuss Wednesday night’s episode, which was focused on the police trying to find two dementia sufferers, Sheila and John, who had gone missing. 

In the episode, Sheila was out shopping with her husband, John, before she wandered off by herself, and was thankfully found later on the same day having managed to travel to Cheltenham, while another dementia patient, also called John, went missing from his home and was luckily found safe and well in a nearby field. 

Did you watch the latest episode? 

Taking to Twitter, viewers spoke of their own experiences helping dementia sufferers, and spoke of their shock over the effects of the harrowing disease. One person wrote: “Watching the documentary #ReportedMissing on @BBC. This weeks episode focuses on cases of missing people with #dementia. Utterly heartbreaking. When they make the comparison of how the person was before the disease took hold to the present, it’s just so wicked and totally cruel.” 

In the episode, police searched for two dementia patients

Another added: “From watching tonight’s episode of #ReportedMissing I’m not going to be afraid to check if an elderly person is ok who I see on my travels anywhere. You never know if they are or not, or if they have #Alzheimers or #dementia.” 

Some fans also admitted that the show had left them in tears, with one writing: “Grown man blubbing here… that lovely elderly couple…Well done all those Officers and others who helped locate the lady,” while another tweeted: “Still feeling a bit emotional after watching #ReportedMissing – as someone with a mum with Alzheimer’s don’t be afraid to make sure elderly people are okay. On another note, she told the hairdresser she hated her haircut yesterday so at least dementia means you don’t give a [expletive].” 

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