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Richard Madeley skewers Labour MP after dodging questions

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan refuses to answer if she would go on strike

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Good Morning Britain presenters Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid were adamant to get some cohesive answers from A&E Doctor Rosena Allin-Khan about the ongoing strikes within the NHS. However, when Madeley quizzed Allin-Khan on whether she would stand and strike, she refused to answer his question.

Madeley simply asked: “Would you go on strike or not go on strike?”

Allin-Khan seemed to dodge the question and replied: “Well emergency doctors never went on strike when there was the last lot of strikes. I am not going to get drawn into that.

“Ultimately, the bottom line is we shouldn’t get to the point where we are valeting about strikes, what we should do is have a government that comes to the table to talk to nurses.

“Talk to doctors to prevent that. There is a reason that two-thirds of junior doctors feel as if they can’t stay in the profession anymore.”

Fuming at Madeley’s “theoretical” questions, @Tracy52468806 fumed: “What is the point of theoretical questions Richard? If she answered what was your next big point? Serious journalist required on.”

Kay Stride added: “@GMB @richardm56 don’t know why you have politicians on when they never answer the questions you ask.

“This junior doctor still hasn’t replied to your first question… what would labour do? Pointless waste of 10 minutes air time.”

@IAmLanaPearce claimed: “Richard Madely and Susannah Reid trying to hammer @DrRosena on @GMB is disgraceful, this is a Dr that puts shifts in and did through the pandemic.

“She is not to blame for the state of the #NHS, your friends in the Tory party are. Direct your trolling in the right direction #GMB.”

Wendy Miller commented: “Foolish final question from RM to the MP/doctor. #GMB.”

However, not all viewers were unhappy with their line of questioning, as @DonnySUMS praised: “It’s about time someone fired real questions and those striking.

“We get that it is hard times but is that not what your job consists of? People’s lives are at stake here and they want answers.” (sic)

Reid asked: “As somebody who works in an A&E department in a London hospital, what is your response to London Ambulances’ decision that there will be a 45-minute cut-off point?

“So somebody in an ambulance will simply just be delivered into the emergency department because the ambulance needs to be freed up for other cases.”

Allin-Khan responded: “Yeah that is really hard because if anyone has ever been taken into hospital in an ambulance you know that rapport that you build with the paramedic is really important.

“Particularly if family members aren’t allowed to go in because of Covid. But if you think about it from the perspective of the paramedics, again, who goes to work to provide the best possible care for their patients.

“If the choice is between staying longer in an A&E department where someone is in a place of safety or answering a call that means a life can be saved, they really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

“But is it safe?” Reid clapped back. “It sort of gives the impression that heaps of people are just going to be plopped on A&E waiting room floors and told ‘Right, I need to get onto the next emergency, it’s your problem now’.

“Is that safe? Because if it is safe how come it hasn’t been done up until now? And if it isn’t safe then why are they doing it?”

The Labour MP explained: “No one is going to be plopping anyone on the floor, people cannot provide dignified and safe care anymore which is why they are feeling why they have no choice but to strike.

“You have described the issue perfectly, so for a paramedic to take the choice between staying with a patient in the department and going and collecting someone in a four-hour window, that is a very difficult position to be in.”

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