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Richard Madeley slams police for barely investigating daughters stolen car

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Richard Madeley was left up in arms as he fumed at police live on Good Morning Britain when he opened up about his daughter’s stolen car.

During Tuesday’s (May 24) instalment of the popular ITV morning news programme, the 66-year-old presenter and his co-host Susanna Reid welcomed Chief Constable for West Midlands Police, Sir Dave Thompson onto the show.

The duo discussed the police’s new pledge for zero tolerance to racism in the force, but it didn’t take long before the broadcaster discussed the wider state of policing across the country.

Throughout the tense discussion, the former I’m A Celebrity star revealed his daughter Chloe Madeley had her vehicle stolen off their drive – and claimed the police did little to investigate the crime.

As he opened up about the incident itself, he complained that officers are yet to charge anyone with the theft of her stolen car to date.

He said: “There is widespread dissatisfaction with the way the police respond to complaints of burglaries and car thefts. They're barely investigated, let alone leading to any charges.

“Burglary used to be seen as a very serious crime by the police force and those who suffer it say it’s one of the worst things that’s ever happened in terms of an encounter with criminality.”

It was at this point that he asked the Chief Constable if he had been burgled himself, to which he explained he had many years ago.

He said: “It’s one of the most invasive crimes you can go through, and it is a crime we take very seriously.”

Susanna revealed from recent data that only 5% of burglaries in 2021 were solved compared to 9.4% back in 2015.

Mr Thompson explained how the police force were going through a phase where it’s growing after a “reduction in policing” as he defended the police’s work.

But Richard went on to fume at the Chief Constable over his family’s experience, as he went on: “And car thefts, they’re barely investigated at all and I can speak from personal experience.

“My own daughter’s car was stolen of the drive of our home a few weeks ago and within an hour, she’d been given a crime number and a statement from the policing saying they weren’t going to investigate and yet the car was probably within 50 miles.

“They didn’t even take the registration number to try and spot it and that is a typical story! Why isn’t car theft investigated more?”

Mr Thompson then appeared to defend the police’s response to his daughter’s stolen vehicle.

He explained: “When a crime is reported to the police, we have to make a very early evident assessment, whether or not actually to launch a specific investigation after that is right to do.

“Of course, when the registration number is taken, the use on ANPR systems we’ve got, it’s not that we’re not looking out for those vehicles.”

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