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Ross Kemp’s spends night in a cell at HMP Belmarsh and is ‘relieved to get out’

Ross Kemp spent a traumatising night in maximum security prison HMP Belmarsh for his ITV documentary series.

The former EastEnders star was allowed access to the cell in the episode of Welcome To HMP Belmarsh With Ross Kemp, which airs tonight, to get an idea of what the experience is like for prisoners.

And when he finally got out of the three-man cell, he said he was "relieved" and remarked anyone who spends a night there has to be "mentally tough".

He said: "You are dealing with a pecking order and the politics of three men breathing in each other’s bad breath, breathing in each others smells when they go to the toilet.

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"I’m thinking of all the different people that have been through this cell. A lot of people have laid here, contemplating what they did or didn’t do.

"How they managed to find themselves here. How long they’d be spending here, plotting revenge, all the regrets. It’s hot, no air because there are no open doors. ‘You have to be mentally tough to be able to survive in a place like this.

"It is about 33 degrees in this cell. I’m lucky, I have got a three-man cell to myself."

The hardman was given shower gel, a toothbrush, deodorant, and a comb for his stay.

Ross was released at eight o’clock the following morning, and he quickly admitted he 'would be a liar if I he wasn’t relieved to be getting out'.

Ross also meets met the prison’s only transgender inmate Claire Darbyshire who opened up about the murder of her father.

The episode airs on ITV tonight at 9pm.

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