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'Run the World' Star Corbin Reid Says Season Finale Features a Series First

The Starz summer series Run the World, created by Yvette Lee Bowser, has introduced the complicated lives of four women living in Harlem, New York. One of those women is Sondi, played by Corbin Reid. Sondi is getting her Ph.D in African-American studies, and she began a relationship with her professor and advisor, Matthew (Stephen Bishop). 

Reid spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone on July 8. She teased what fans can expect from her story in the season finale of Run the World on July 11, including one big change from the previous seven episodes. 

A ‘Run the World’ milestone on the season finale

Every episode of Run the World opens with a title card featuring four Black women and the show’s title. So far, every episode has pictured four different women, who may resemble the four leads of the show depending on the interpretation. The season finale gives Reid and costars Amber Stevens West, Bresha Webb and Andrea Bordeaux the title card.

“Of the seven episodes that have aired, those are idllyic vintage photographs,” Reid said. “Episode 8 is when it finally change to us on the side of a bus, which was planned and kind of ironic because now we are on the side of busses in New York City. I’m not really sure what the significance behind that was actually to be honest with you, but 1-7 it’s not us.”

Corbin Reid: ‘It all comes to a head Sunday’

Sondi’s relationship has many complications. Teacher/student relatioships are forbidden by the university. Sondi also finds herself bonding with her boyfriend’s daughter, maybe too much. 

“She’s second guessing everything and getting caught up in his life. In the episode that airs on Sunday, you get to see how everything comes to a head,” Reid said. “She’s spent the relationship very unlike her, very unlike her personality. She spends the relationship being a people pleaser. I think because she feels a little bit intimidated or insecure in the relationship, she’s just giving him what he needs and what his daughter needs. I think she very much forgets about herself and she loses herself a little bit. It all comes to a head on Sunday.”

The ‘Run the World’ season finale is Corbin Reid’s favorite episode 

Run the World is a half hour comedy drama. Sondi and her friends find themselves in situations both absurd and serious, like life. Reid said the season finale exemplifies the show’s balance.

“It’s my favorite episode,” Reid said. “There’s comedy, there’s drama, there’s a lot of questions that get answered but then there’s also a huge cliffhanger. You’ve got to have that, otherwise you’re not going to be excited for what’s to come. I think it’s a wild ride and the way that it’s all intertwined together, it’s so fun. It’s one of those episodes I will watch a couple times because I just love it so much.”

However, Reid has not heard word of a second season yet.

“That is a question for Starz,” Reid said. “We’re hopeful but only they know the answer to that.”

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